Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pearson, Communist, gets good ink in the Legion

November 07,2012
    LEGION, the official magazine of the Canadian Legion is one of our favourite magazines. We consider it a must for the school. The history is excellent. It treats with respect veterans and present day armed force personnel.. The president of the organisation is the DOMINION president. The organisation and magazine operate on the assumption that it is a good, honourable and necessary thing to defend and protects one’s country. When the November issue came I expected great things.  Instead I got Liberal Party propaganda.
    In a list of 12 military events of Canadian history that shaped our lives Pearson and Trudeau were highlighted. Nothing important happened under any other Prime Minister. WWI and WWII are highlighted by the conscription issue not the main issue which is, for four and six years Canada made an all out effort to defeat an evil foe that sought world domination and enslavement . That some people did not like conscription particularly in Quebec is a side issue. By concentrating on this it takes away from the many Quebecois who very willingly fought and died for their King and country. It denigrates the role of such battalians as the Van Dooz , that is the vingt-deux, the 22nd. Regiment.
    One factor in the conscription issue that is always deleted is before WWII there was a large pro- Nazi sentiment in Quebec organised by a man called Arcand. Pierre Trudeau, a young man of military recruitment age drove about Westmount on a motorcycle wearing a Nazi helmet. Like German Naziism it was racist. Abby Groulx, an historian argued that the Quebecois were a pure race and it is untrue that they are mixed with Indian blood.      Oh.
    In 1604 Champlain promised his native allies that his men would marry their women. That was one promise that the whiteman kept. The historic names of Montreal are for some reason like a roster of northern natives here: Morin, Derocher, Laliberte, Dorian et c.
    The unnification of the forces is considered a major issue but does not mention the
destruction of the armed forces and the loss of morale of one of the world’s best military forces. The return of proper uniforms and gradual military upgrading by Tory governments is irrelevant in this article ( complete with free poster.)
    There is the picture of the exhausted and bloody Korean war soldier. Beside it is the plump, smiley, guarded face of PM Lester Pearson.  Pearson was a Communist who worked for and was answerable to the Soviet Union Secret Police. That is not an opinion or  right wing agit- prop. It is a fact. It was known when Gouzenko, a clerk and spy in the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa defected to the Free World. It was known by testimonies in an American Senate Committee. It was known by MI5, FBI, and some RCMP personnel. It was verified, again by papers released from East Germany  after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Pearson and his co- worker, Herbert Norman had a great influence in gathering information in Asian countries. Advise was given that it would be safe for the Soviet Union to take over Korea. After the Korean War ended in a stalemate with the Communists in control of North Korea the Soviets began the take over of Viet Nam, Combodia, Laos et c.
    That bloody exhausted Canadian soldier in Korea is there because of the deceit and disloyalty of then External Affairs Minister Pearson .
    The Left’s slogan: END CANADA”S COMPLICITY IN VIET NAM takes on new meaning. Canadian companies may have been making a profit by selling to America but their Prime Minister was complicit in Viet Nam on the other side. There is a reason why this recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize would not support the U.S. in Viet Nam. There was no peace when the North Vietnamese slaughtered, unchecked ,the civilians of South Vietnam in 1975.
    This is one issue and poster of LEGION magazine that will not be in the classroom. Gay
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