Monday, December 24, 2012

Protecting Dependency

The Morning of Christmas Eve
    So I have been told that there are protests against the Conservative government’s efforts to give native people, particularly those on reserves rights consistent with other Canadians. These protests are organised by reserve native politicians. That should no more be alarming than to discover that union leaders are opposed to public financial accoundability of unions. These chiefs are the group who benefit most from the dependency syndrome grpping and paralysing the lives of people on reserves. And how much are the protestors being paid? Are they being paid in cash or just  drugs and alcohol?
    Everybody has the same rights because there are inalienable rights by virtue of membership in the human race. They are the right to own property, freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom of speech, the right to life.and the right to have families. The Charter of Rights, The British North America Act 1867  and the traditions of law state these rights but it is not government that decides who can have what rights. Natives have been and are being denied basic rights in many cases..
    On reserves they cannot own their own home, sell it,or  give it away as they wish..
    They are often denied the right to choose the education of their children and of themselves or even have an education that produces thinking literate people.
    They are many times in many ways denied freedom of expression including freedom of the media. There were many natives who were opposed to the attack on the churches through their past residential schools. How many people like this did you hear even in the Catholic papers? In some cases to object to the unsubstantiated attacks on the churches was to put your life and home on the line. “ To have a big mouth” in the North is considered a capital offence. To oppose corruption may cost your life.
    No one should have the right to deny someone life due to occupancy, in this case occupancy in the mother’s womb. Other Canadian women are given the choice of abortion or or allowing the child to live. Murder of someone else shouldn’t be anyone’s legal choice. However native women and girls are often not even given that choice. Abortion and sterilisation are pushed on them by strident coercion. A native woman’s stay in the hospital for any reason may be an opportunity for someone to impose abortion or sterilisation on her without her consent or even knowledge. If you see the youtube 6 min. movie Ten Toes for Christmas (“superlndn”) you will get some idea of native healthcare. I was not the first patient a reserve clinic worked at eliminating.
    The native politicians are whipping up native fear by claiming the Tories are getting rid of native healthcare. All Canadians have publicly funded healthcare remember? There would be more proper health care to go around if more privately owned and privately purchased healthcare was made available. One reserve owns a privately funded healthcare business. That sounds like expanding proper health care.
    In the movie “ Agenda, Grinding Down America” the speakers explain the Communist public tactic of making more and more people dependent on the government through welfare and making people incapable of looking after themselves through shoddy, fraudulent education . Northern Saskatchewan is a text book example of that.
    Hon. Rob Clarke tabled a bill to amend the Indian Act. Hon Bob Rae. former NDP leader and interim leader for the Liberals tabled a bill to abolish the Indian Act.  The NDP- Liberal bought and owned native leaders are buying protestors against the Conservatives who want to give natives more freedom.  There are those who want you dependent.Forever. Gay