Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Unaccountable No More

Mother of God Feast Day
Grandson Tron’s Birthday
    It’s hard to keep up with the recent performance of the Union of Victims Forever Brotherhood.  We were too busy trying to keep our community safe from a person entrenched in a welfare “rights ‘ mentality. He thinks and acts that he, an able bodied forty year old, not only has a right to welfare, but a right to beat up people including seniors and women, has a right to spoil children’s and families’ New Year’s fun, has a right to make death threats in public and use abusive vulgar language. He enjoys controlling and terrorizing the village so my husband has to give people rides to and from their home for fear they will be beat up. He thinks he has a right to be out of control with liquor and drugs and thus control everyone around him with violence.  The police in Southend, 45 km. away couldn’t take the time to stop him because they have at least  ten times such people there.
    I recently heard of an international story of a woman gang raped and killed in India. Huh??? Of course that is an atrocity but do we really have to hear such a story from a country half way round the world. Such things have happened on reserves and native communities many, many times. The only difference is there is no cry for justice and punishment of the perpetrators.  What is newsworthy is Victimhood. Natives by definition as claimed are Victims, past, present and future tense.  There is no social and individual problem that cannot be blamed on outside sources. In the last forty years I have heard violence, alcohol, neglect,  poverty and abuse blamed on:
    A. The Whiteman
    B.The Capitalist, Imperialist, Fascist, Free Enterprise System
            C. Mercury levels in fish
    D  Global Warming
    E.. Residential Schools
    F. Christianity especially Catholicism
    G. Tory initiatives to make highly paid politicians accountable to the public especially to their reserve communities/
    Reserves are violent places full of drugs and alcoholism because people are not made accountable for their actions.  When a crime is committed it is ignored or the sentence is so light jail is just a short stint in a residential school without learning or religion.
    Recently a man had killed his common- law partner and also killed anothers common- law partner who was a teacher in this and other Northern communities. His son was also killed No investigation was done. When he was in Brabant Lake he was the main supplier of drugs selling them from the teacherage and the school. After 5 years in jail he is free to kill again.
    A man here had a habit of beating up his father. One time he did it so thoroughly his father was killed. The man was out of jail in a few years because it was determined his father died of a heart attack and not the beating that left him unconscious. Being beaten can be bad on the heart alright.
    In another community, a nine year old daughter was passed around by her father to be used by members of a drunken party. Nothing was done about this to my knowledge although the police were aware of it.
    People are ordered to kill. The murder is covered -up. The person who ordered the killing is known, the person who did the killing is known, and the people helping with the cover- up are known.  The victim, it is believed, had it coming to him because he wouldn’t stop going to L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord .He liked really learning something.  Gay