Monday, January 7, 2013

Suicide = murder

January 07,2013
    In the Euthanasia , Mercy Killing Debate the pro- lifers are making the same mistake as they have done on the abortion debate for the last 40 years. They seem more concerned about sounding Reasonable and Educated than getting the message across.  Only Canadians could turn being polite into a public virus.
    Firstly it is not euthanasia which means good death and it is not mercy, merciful, compassionate, misguided concern or anything remotely connected to health care.  Under no circumstances should we ever use those terms. We have allowed the anti- lifers to control the vocabulary in the abortion debate and we cannot afford to do that again.
    People write briefs and documents about the Holland experience, the Belgium statistics the Washington State misuse blah blah. One should not spend one’s time explaining that assisted suicide is OPEN to abuse. IT IS ABUSE. Suicide is murder, murder of one self. It is the ultimate act of selfishness and cowardice. It is extremely cruel to others even to those who are not their spouse, their children or other relatives. Every suicide leads to other suicides.
    Assisted suicide is helping someone murder himself and thus is two or more people participating in murder. It is impossible to legalise murder. One can pass laws and win court decisions that state this type of murder will not go unpunished by the state. But murder is wrong by an Authority higher than the state and will not go unpunished by that Authority.
There is no legitimacy in state approved murder . It is a means by which the government loses its authority and purpose. It is a ticket to chaos, anarchy then totalitarianism.
    One must fight every court challenge to the sanctity of life but in Canada there is no reason to allow the Supreme Court to justify murder by the state. There is a Notwithstanding clause that makes parliament still supreme . That notwithstanding clause was put there by  socialists, Allan Blakeney, Roy Romanow, Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chretien. Allan Blakeney would not allow the Charter of Rights to pass if that was not in there. It is his one redeeming act in his long political career . Why do Conservatives now blanche at the thought of keeping the Canadian tradition of having the elected make political decisions?
    Yesterday I walked into the Southend school gym to see row on row of sorrowing people. A 34 year husband and farther of four girls had killed himself on New Year’s Day. The proponents of state killings should have been there. This is their idea of mercy and of good death. This is their idea of no- consequence murder of self.  Even the possibility of state suicide contributes to these suicides.
    Quebec health care is full of corruption and waste. Sick and dying people are lined up on gurnies in hospital halls while hospital beds are not allowed to be used. Rather than stop the corruption, and admit the limitations of government health care Premier Marois , the PQ and Liberals want to solve the mess by killings.
    The person who fashioned Britain’s abortion law said that he had no idea that the law would lead to so many abortions, In the Nuremburg trials the Nazii said “I had no idea it would lead to this.” to which the judge replied “ It led to this the first time you put a man you know was innocent in jail. Hospitals and doctors are already killing people. Canadians including in northern Saskatchewan and in Quebec need protection from these people. We cannot use government to approve, permit and expand  what they are doing.  Gay