Saturday, January 19, 2013

Communist manipulation of Natives

January 19,2013
    The Baltimore Catechism begins with the question : “ Who made you ?” The right answer is God made you. The second question is “ Why did God make you?” The right answer is “ know, love and serve Him and to be happy with Him forever in Heaven.”.
    The wrong answer is “ to get as much money as possible from the government with as little effort as possible.” Yet many have been operating on this answer for generations How did it happen? Here’s part of the Canadian story.
    When Lester B. Pearson ( party affiliation: Liberal, political loyalty: Communist Party) became Prime Minister he passed as  Bill 01 , the creation of the The Company of Young Canadians. Young people were trained in Sol Alinsky style Communism to be social- political agitators. A target group for their “ services” were natives especially those on reserves. The party line was natives are victims, white men, capitalists are oppressors. For about 48 years natives have been told that they are the victims. The goal is to make the white man particularly the capitalist white man pay and pay and pay. To their credit many natives did not buy this line that was foisted on them. Many did and so did a great many government and media policy makers.
    Shortly after the Department of Northern Services ( DNS) was created Liberal organisers came up North with literally bags of cash to buy the Indian loyalty and vote. No paper trail, no questions, no accountability. That’s the way successive Liberal Governments wanted it and that’s the was they trained people to do so.  Although at that time the Liberals and NDP were obstensibly political opponents they worked hand in glove to wean the natives from Christianity and moral and personal accountability.
    The public school system controlling half the province blatantly exclaim “ Northern Lights School Division was created to destroy Catholic education in the North. We won’t tolerate a Catholic School ( that is L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord) here. Liberals funded anything that was contrary to Christianity. In about 1966 they began with the resurrection of Pow Wows. The heavily orchestrated forty year campaign against the Churches in the guise of alleged abuse in residential schools followed. 
    The real scandal of the residential school issue has not been told: the complete denial of proper judicial procedures and due process, lack of provable evidence and complete distortion of the term “ abuse,” conferences and classes training natives to complain, the drug flow at these conferences, the nuns and priests who were complicit in encouraging natives to deny their Faith and Christ for a few thousand dollars.
    No one is denying Christ by defending himself or a child against real abuse by a cleric. It is denying Christ to accept money because a Catholic School taught Catholicism and engaged in Catholic worship. The Churches and schools  were guilty by virtue of being Churches and by providing Christian Education which is a Christian mandate. No Communist country could have stated it more bluntly. It is to the great shame that some priests and even bishops encouraged natives to participate in this blatant state persecution of religion.
    And so some Tories start the idea of financial accountability on reserves. Hell, having a good time controlling things on some reserves, broke loose. Fake fasts, contradictory protests, competing voices, leadership challenges, new organisations sputter, choke and gasp. WE ARE THE VICTIMS. WE DEMAND THINGS ! YOU CANNOT DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY FROM US. It is our treaty right to do nothing except complain!! No, no. That isn’t in any Treaty and isn’t in the Indian Act. That was Sol Alinisky Communism turning you into an agent to destroy freedom, human dignity and the country. You have nothing to loose but your dependency chains.  Gay