Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pork Barrel Bleating and Real Oppression

January 23,2013
    Whenever I hear a snppet of news on MBC( Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation) I hear the voice of anguish and indignation bemoaning the possibility of isome financial accountability of taxpayer money given to eserve politicians.
    Where was this indignation and outrage when it became public knowledge that a judge and lawyers were using northern boys for sexual orgies? Where was the outrage when it was known that native boys are used as catamites to pay for immunity from legal prosecution for themselves or their parents or relatives?
    Where were the loud protests when it became public that native women and girls are pushed into abortion and compulsory sterilisation?
    What about the unchecked drugs and violence on reserves? Where are your loud united voices on these issue?
    No one is stopping these pork barrel politicians from expressing these views no matter how far off track and how exaggerated their claims. But what about the many restrictions of free speech against treaty people on and off the reserve?  What about the many natives who wanted to express their views in support of their residential school experience? What would happen if someone on the reserve went on community radio and criticised them?
    Some real possibilities are that they would lose their house, would lose their band job or they would be cut off welfare. They may be threatened that they won’t get a funeral paid for by the band and would be denied needed medical trips.
    These leaders are not spokesmen for the fundamental rights of natives that all people especially Canadians should have . These leaders are spokesmen for their political masters who finance them, that is for successive and future Liberal and NDP governments. They are in a state of shocked rage because there is a government at present who does not wish to keep paying for their loyalty while ignoring the rights of ordinary Canadians including native Canadians who are not at the $300,000 a year trough.
    Brabant Lake isn’t even a reserve. It should be a mecca of independence with a balance of rights and responsibilities. Instead we are bullied by a municipal office 175 km. away that wants reserve oppression and more..  Every Canadian has a right to religious freedom and educational choice. Yet our independent Catholic school is subject to tapping of every way possible. Students are afraid to sing a song or participate in a prayer because they know that they are being monitored.  They are afraid if I mention the word creation not because they are committed evolutionists but because someone is monitoring them. This has been going on for years. We have made it public more than once. Yet Regina does nothing. The students we have are commended for their courage that they keep on going even though they know there is no privacy. La Ronge Band Office, and Northern Lights School Division have absolutely no authority over this school, the teachers or the students. We do not get one cent of government money yet we have beene constantly harassed . We keep track of all expenses whether it’s a muffin and steeped tea at Time Hortons or a Co- Op Propane Bill. Yet we have to hear the bleatings of people who get $34 million of tax payer money and choose for good reason not to mention where it goes.
    It’s time that the people committed to solutions and progress in their own life and that of others are protected from northern mafia rackets. Gay