Saturday, January 26, 2013

Good News!

January 26,2013
    Did you know that a million people marched in protest against the perversion of marriage in same- sex unions in Paris? Paris? Yes, Paris, France , you know the fashion setter of the world. When students revolted at Le Sorbonne University in1968 every campus wanted to follow the trend. When France was oh so Catholic and The Eldest Daughter of the Church she sent missionaries all over the world including to Canada. The first Masonic- Communist Revolution wasn’t Russia in 1917 but France in 1789.
     In Canada the Supreme Court said that same sex liasons can be so called marriages. The Liberals immediately passed such a law. The Liberal Party Convention passed out buttons that said “It’s in the Charter, Stupid.” There is no such thing in the Charter. The Charter says everything in the Charter equally applies to men as well as women. That means women have a right to life even if they sass back their brother or father. That means women can’t be thrown in jail without due process. It doesn’t mean women and men are now the same even when they’re not.
    There are homosexuals, atheists, Christians marching in Paris against same- sex civil unions.If we can’t think for ourselves  maybe we could follow the latest Paris trend: that is family, common sense.
    Was this on your news outlet? If not why not? Are they keeping you in the dark about the real news.?
    On Friday in Washington, D.C. 650,000 people marched for Life. They protested the Supreme Court Decision Roe vs. Wade of 1973 that legalised the killing of unborn babies.
Was that on your news outlet? If not, why not?
    The anti- lifers who have believed that they have the political upper - hand on the issue are now protesting that “politicians are making a political issue about a very personal matter.” Translated: there are too many pro- life politicians and they are trying to stop us killing unborn babies. We’re losing the fight.” They said it . Their political victory has now retreated into  a “ personal issue.”
    There used to be 2000 , two- thousand ,abortion clinics in the United States. There are now 600. Due to prayer and protest people have closed down 1400 abortion clinics. I said: 1400 BABY KILLING BUSINESSES HAVE BEEN CLOSED DOWN.  Have you heard this on your news outlet. If not, why not?
    Today in San Francisco thousands as in more than 50,000 marched for life. San Francisco is in California. You know, that if you’re going to San Francisco wear flowers in your hair especially if you’re a male, place. For 9 years people have been having a West Coast Walk for Life Stay tuned for more on this one but you won’t get it on your main stream media.
    The good guys are winning and the bad guys aren’t letting us know about it. You aren’t getting news. You’re getting culture of death propaganda.
    Lots of Good News, Spread the word. Gay