Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Cry for Freedom

February 04, 2013
    When we came home from Saskatoon, stuffed in our door was a notice from the unsigned Municipal Office to All Residents ( aka John Caswell) that Brabant Lake won’t get snow removal because last time we talked to the graderman.
    Before we left Ms. Antoniuk came to inform us that since Kalvin Cook is gone 1(one) position is open. Now Antoniuk hired K. Cook against anyone’s wishes. She took three jobs from 3 or more people and gave them to him. She said if it doesn’t work out she is on the line. Well her project didn’t work out. The logical solution is give people back their jobs. But she insists that the person needs to be a Certified Water Treatment Operator plus snow shoveller plus garbage man plus rink builder and maintainer plus any other job she chooses to berate must be done. Nobody agrees with this . There is no logic that one person should have an open ended impossible job and others can’t have any job. But what Antoniuk says must be done. She says we won’t see her for three months because she has to go to Creighton because “they’re not behaving there.”
    Us darkies are getting uppity in Creighton too?
    The Northern Higher - Ups never miss an oportunity to let you know that you exist and in what condition solely by their pleasure.
    If H-.U. doctor says grandfather has to starve in a hospital bed he must starve.
    If H.-U. doctor says you must have an abortion, be sterilised or have your leg removed it must be done.
    If H-U Housing Authority says  you must leave your house while a drug using outsider slaps drab paint over drab paint in your home you must do it.
    If H-U Public School Official says that your daughter cannot go to the mission school you must pull her and that is an order.
    If H-U’s says you can’t have singing and prayer in a school then the public school and others have to monitor by tapping and video the mission school. Little children are taught by their parents to sing quietly or not at all and read “Jesus” in a whisper.
    Does this sound like blatant Totalitarianism to you? Of course it is . Then why isn’t it stopped? Why isn’t the public school and its cohorts closed due to immoral, illegal, and unethical actions?
    There is no need for accumulating  evidence. We sing every day. We pray every day. We use readers that mention God, have passages from the Bible and teach virtues. We use text books that do not censor God, the Catholic Church and the Gospel. We do not edit evidence of Creation. We do what good Catholic and other Christian Schools do all over Saskatchewan, Canada and the World.  Not only that, we sing O Canada and God Save the Queen and teach people to love their country...and freedom..
    When will basic human rights restored to northern communities including Brabant Lake? Why is there no outrage?  To requote Sergeant Janes “ Gay, you know that you have to do as your told in the North.” With this admission of totalitarianism why isn’t it stopped ?