Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Public School teacher threatens parents over educatonal choice

For Immediate Release ; Feb.5,2013
    This morning Mrs. Caswell in Brabant Lake received a phone call from a very upset and frightened parent, Ms. Nancy Charles. Ms. Charles and her daughter go to Our Lady of the North School. . Mrs. Rose Campbell, the teacher at Ospwakun Sepe School, the public school run by Northern Lights School Division phoned Ms. Charles and threatened her.
    Campbell said “ If Joyce isn’t back at school you ( Nancy ) will be in trouble, Campbell did not say in trouble by whom but possibilities include phoning Social Services, La Ronge Housing, stopping her from getting welfare et c..
    This is a clear and blatant threat. It is not the first time that Rose Campbell has threatened parents. Last year she went over to a parent’s house and phoned him repeatedly. When I phoned her to stop this she treated it as an assault.
    Northern Lights School Division must immediately remove Mrs. Campbell from our community. Ms. Charles and her daughter are protected by law. The first law that protects them in the British North America Act 1867 and the Charter of Rights. It specifically states that parents have the right to decide the education of their children. In addition it protects Catholic Schools, religious freedom and freedom of association. There are many ways in which parents can have choice including the choice of Home Based and Independent Schools.
    Mrs. Campbell’s actions were clearly ment to instill fear and play on Nancy’s possible lack of knowledge of the law and of her rights. Because Campbell did not specify what kind of trouble and by whom her intent was to leave possibilities open ended.
    When a teacher and school have to use illegal bully tactics it is time that they cease teaching and cease claiming to be a school. Joyce’s older sister recently quit going to Ospwakun Sepe School . She began her education at Our Lady of the North School but her parents’ were bullied to send her to the so called public school. Her skills and knowledge quickly regressed and she lost interest in education. Other students are quitting or attending in a scattered hap hazard manner.  Rather than improve the morale and standards of the school Campbell and the principal Ms. Blind resort to threats and bullying.
    Ms. Blind began her term at Brabant Lake by attempting to discredit us by explaining what my first name, Gay “ really “ means. Since we lived here for 17 years and since we teach a broad understanding of the English language no body believed that I got my name by being a lesbian. People who were given a good and common Scottish name that means happy also deserve rights and ethics. It seems Blind and Campbell have no pretense and clearly expose their role is to attack Our Lady of the North School not to provide quality education.
    For more information I can be contacted at 758-2046 (school) and after 3:30 at 758-2041 after 3:30.pm
    Readers, I have no means of sending this to media outlets at this time. Please help me by alerting the media in your area of this news release. Thank- you.