Monday, February 11, 2013

Mainlining Communism

February 11,2013
Feast of Ste. Bernadette
    On May 14,1969 Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau tabled the Omnibus Bill l which legalised homosexuality, contraception, divorce and abortion. Trudeau was the protege of Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, a now publicly known Communist. Trudeau became his Minister of Justice without ever being elected. From there he was the engineered choice of Left insiders to become the Leader of the Liberal Party and consequently Prime Minister. May 14 was the Socialist coup d’etat in taking Canada on the road to Totalitarianism.
    If Trudeau had tabled an Omnibus Bill that used the words of the Regina Manifesto Canada “shall not rest content until all vestiges of capitalism are eradicated” he couldn’t have been more effective in creating a socialist state.
    The Socialists- Communists used to have educationals at the U of S and elsewhere concerning  Dialectical Materialism, Transitional Demands, Lenin’s view on the necessity of the Vanguard party, Engel’s view on the dissolution of the Family and the role of women from private to public property et c, et c.  They were quite boring, full of intellectual snobbery and also harmful . However people like Gramsci, and Alinsky came up with a fast tract method of communist recruitment and agitation. It is explained well in the Communist changing view of homosexuality.
    Communist leaders would forbid the flagrant homosexual life style except in it role to black mail through trained homosexual prostitutes They saw a homosexual leader as unreliable and dangerous. They expected their people to have the veneer of conventional morality: married and straight.  Then homosexuality was turned into a victim community.
Homosexuals were like the oppressed working class, blacks or migrant farm workers.
    Communism through the dialectic destroys right and wrong , moral absolutes. But one could turn this on its head. When people have a vested interest in believing there are no moral absolutes because they are caught up in drugs, perversion and other addictions they accept a philosophy without moral restraints. The behaviour creates the need for the philosophy rather than the philosophy creating the behaviour.
    Gone are erudite educationals, newspapers, book tables featuring Lenin, Marx, Engel, Mao , Rosa Luxenburg et c.The new fast tract proselytising tools are drugs and perversions. Once a person is caught up in a perverted life style they have a vested interest in the politics that will protect and expand their perversions.
    Homosexuality went from illegal to legal. Now Liberal- Socialist political parties go to war against parents who will not let them recruit their kindergarten children for their sexual use. Engels and Rosa Luxenburg never invisioned such a fast tract way to destroy the Family and Church Authority.
    Lubor Zink and others who had escaped the Iron Curtain of Communism repeatedly exposed Trudeau’s left views as he nationalised businesses and destroyed others with burdensome regulations. But what Trudeau did to created a mileu where immorality is not only tolerated but protected and morality is attacked was far more lethal than his penchant for creating government “windows on the industry.”.
    The Ontario Liberal Loonies are the ultimate result of Trudeau’s Omnibus Bill in  1969. To restore Canada to the Canada of freedom, rights and responsibilities where families and Church are protected one needs to know how the destruction happened. Then work at reversing the actions. Gay