Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Corruption Continues

January 15,3013
    So what happened after John was pushed off council by the “ higher ups” and threats from La Ronge?
    All pretense of democracy, particpation and ethics are gone. There has not been one council meeting to our knowledge . There has been no opportunity for public discussion on anything. When John was deputy mayor and later mayor people had to at least pretend they were dpong a job. The Rec. Director, a position unwanted by councillors just draws money as does the janitor. The maintenance man who had three jobs of others given to him has done nothing to finish, flood and maintain a skating rink. We had a skating rink, then four years ago we got money from the Feds to build another. It was never finished and the female liason of the contractor, is now mayor by choice of La Ronge.    
    John had made the claim that the Rec. Director’s mandate was to stop the mission from doing things. There is now no attempt to deny that and no attempt to produce any activity. They ordered girls and women to stop going to sewing and crafts class. Years later not one stitch was ever sewn at the hall by anyone even though expensive supplies were bought.
    Parents have been ordered under serious threats to pull their children from  Our Lady of the North School. Not one student has ever progressed after being pulled and most have regressed considerably. Some have returned to their great courage.
    In Saskatoon a man was given 18 years for selling cocaine. Here cocaine dealers are handed three jobs belonging to others and are the influential people at the public school. When John put on the Gospel Jamboree the municipal advisor blocked him every way even to the point of trying to kick us out of the hall. She supplied grant money to an outsider who  was then  part of the cocaine selling network, to run it.  We stopped that but the cocaine dealer got the grant money.
    Nobody has a key to the town hall except maybe the Rec. Director. The town hall is definitely not for the use of anyone or anything in Brabant Lake except perhaps for drugs storage.
    There are seven highly paid people in the La Ronge Municipal Office. They run eleven northern settlements.  In every possible way since the reign of Antoniuk, fully backed by Regina and executive Director Mr. Henry, every attempt to make Brabant a healthy progressive drug- free community has been blocked. People in Brabant do help each other and the lives of many individuals and families are improving but it is no thanks to our La Ronge controllers.  Gay

P.S. The Gospel Jamboree will be held June 30 and July 1. We are looking for musicians and a  priest or priests now.
P.P.S.At minus 42 degrees the school is using lots of propane. Donations urgently needed.