Monday, April 8, 2013

Thursday May09,2013 in Regina

April 08,2013
    For some years near May 14, the anniversary of Trudeau’s Omnibus Bill which legalised abortion in Canada there has been a March for Life at the Legislature in Regina. The attendance was 300 or less and the “march “was sporadic.  This in no reflected the pro- life sentiment or commitment in the province. The Knights of Columbus are organising this year. Knights and non- knights are determined to make this year’s event on May 09 reflective of the true pro- life cause. It is very difficult for elected officials to take seriously pro- family issues when the electorate appear to be indifferent.
     Some pro- lifers are convinced despite evidence that politicians will do nothing for pro- life so it is useless. In my experience there are politicians who are as or more  committed to the pro- life cause than pro- life organisational members.
In Saskatchewan we have some of the best pro- life MP’s in the country. The MLA’s in the province committed to pro-life I have been told are about 25. That is certainly enough members to swing the others. It seems there is lack of focus on the part of politicians and electorate here.
    Here are some pro- life or  pro- family measures tha can be done to establish respect for life and family in the province.
    1.Stop vile anti- family sex education in Catholic and public schools, especially when it is integrated and mandatory. Make sure that parents are fully aware of the content of sex education and a pupil’s participation is dependent on informed written consent by the parent..
    2.Stop funding of Planned Parenthood Federation in every respect. Do not allow their literature and policies in public health offices, community clinics, schools and other outlets. Planned Parenthood is not about planning to be a parent. That is called marriage. PPF is about promoting immorality, contraception, sterilisation and abortion while undermining the authority of parents and church teaching.
    3. Have freedom of conscience legislation for doctors, nurses and other medical and health  staff so that no one has to participate in abortion promotion, referrals, and procedures. This includes pre- med, medical, nursing students and students in other related areas such as pharmacy, social work, lab technicians et c.
    4. Stop all public funding of abortion inclusing in the North and among native people on reserves and welfare recipients. If some are frightened that there will be more native or poor children born that is their problem. Many native and poor people are pushed into abortion through threats, intimidation and lack of information.  One does not cure poverty by killing the poor. Many native people are not poor. Their increased population is a plus to the province just as is the increased population of any other ethnic group.
    5. Have INFORMED consent before any sterilisation or abortion procedure. Legislate specific guidelines as to the type and extent of information including information on pregnancy help resources.
    6. Contraception, sterilisation and abortion to those under 18 years require notification AND informed consent of the parent as well as the minor.
    These will do for starters. It is very important that you come out on Thursday, MAY 09 to the grounds ot the Legislative Assembly in Regina. It is far for Northerners but so is Lac Ste. Anne, the Archdiocese Cathedral in Le Pas, shrines throughout Canada and Europe and many Northerners find their way to those places. We hope bands and communities will help bring busloads of Northerners to Regina. For ongoing information contact us at 306-758-2041 oe 306-758-2041 or contact the Knights of Columbus. Knight  Louis Roth in Saskatoon is heading the organisation of the event.    Gay