Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Liberal- NDP Drug Blocks

May 07, 2013
Two more days before the March for Life in Regina and Ottawa
      The Liberals and NDP are a teeter- totter(see- saw). When one side goes up the other goes down but both sides are firmly rivetted in socialism/communism. We saw that watching Liberal stalwarts marshall the troops for NDP  Doyle Vermette . For at least two weeks before the election day, dependable people from northern communities were stationed in La Ronge where they were given booze, dope, money for food and lodging. They voted Left and often and got their relatives and friends to do the same. Probably every person voted at every advance poll at least one. Most went home well stocked with booze and drugs  to do the same on election day.  Doyle Vermette is in the Legislature today because of sustained massive violations of the Election Act and sustained massive violations of the Criminal Code
drug laws.
    How can any political campaign afford the drugs and booze that is freely distributed at election time? Where do they get these drugs? Why are there never charges and prosecutions?
Anyone can see what we see. MP Rob Clarke has tried to make his Conservative colleagues aware of it. Drugs are just not a questionable way to win an election. They are illegal, criminal and a source of many other criminal activites. That includes marijuana. These laws are not relaxed, suspended or made  null and void during an Election Writ. Probably there are about four provincial constituencies and about ten federal ridings that could be firmly held by conservatives if the flow of drugs were stopped well before the election. The drug routes, the drug brokers, the drug supplies are well in place long before an election. They are a long term
established business. There is a major company and minor outlets.
    There has been lots of drug busts since the Conservatives have been Government. There was not one drug bust in past recent Liberal governments. The Liberals-NDP have long supported the legalisation of marijuana  The busts have often been in Saskatoon and include cocaine. Why are there no drug busts including marijuana and, cocaine in La Ronge and in northern communities. The municipal office makes decisions based on the facilitation and expansion of the drug trade. Drug use is wide open and unchecked. Why?
    No Conservatives use this massive dose of drugs at election time. This is not just due to a sense of ethics and convictions against drugs. The massive  drug supply is closed to conservatives. Therefore we are looking for  individuals, organisations or institutions who have access to North American and South American drug routes, and  have easy access to entry through dual nationality . Treaty Indians have such access and the Metis Association  certainly want it. We are looking for a group with other reasons, with covers to make deals pick ups etc. These covers could include school board meetings in Los Vegas, cultural exchange conferences among native groups in South Western States, central and South America.cassino business, et c. We are looking for individuals, groups and institutions who have unexplained wealth and an ostentatious life style ,although sometimes, some places hidden. We are looking for people who have access to massive tax payer handouts, yet have a vested interest in defeating conservative governments and individuals.  Go figure. Gay