Saturday, May 11, 2013

"FSI are thugs" says LaRonge native.

May 11,2013
    When we were at the March for Life in Regina we had confirmation from the South what we know in the North. The Federation of Sask. Indians deliberately campaigned against the North being involved in the pro- life activity. One La Ronge native phoned up the organisers and said among other things  “ The FSI are thugs.”
    The FSI are an integral part of the Liberal Party. Their job is to control the natives  bully and punish those who step out of line and make sure election and control supplies are on tap and distributed. Yes, bluntly, I mean the FSI with people such as Gary Merasty distribute drugs. When Merasty was the MP he was responsible for giving young boys 10 years up drugs so that they wouldn’t go to Camp Commitment , the mission’s summer programme. More recently they provided  drugs and threats to get Brabant Lake people away from the idea of proper education based on Christianity.  There was chaos and violence throughout the village like there hasn’t been for years .People were afraid to go to school. We arrived to school one day and the door was jammed and locked . I now know it was done deliberately by the same people with the same motivation who locked us out of our house on April 23, 2008.
    They do not allow any demonstration, marches, protests unless they are in control. Not only do not speak against such eugenic evils as forced sterilisation and forced abortion they apparently are all for such atrocities. It is one reason that they are so opposed to us in the North because we tell people you can say no to these things. We distribute pro- life info, help-lines and baby clothes. We also teach morality . The solution to children having children is not “kill the small one and wound the larger one.” The solution is Biblical morality.
    The FSI hate Christianity and priests. They talk about the Creator but never say who or what this Creator is but it sounds good to fool people. Nannapus, the deceiver demon,is highly revered.  To them a good politician is a good actor and deceiver. Their counterpart are the Iroquois who tortured and killed Brebeuf and Christian Hurons.  But they do worse. The 17 th century pagans only killed the body after which many converted to the religiou of the tortured. The new pagans are more subtle. They encourage demonic pollution of the Mass, use hexes and curses, tell priests and nuns they must respect native culture, then get them involved in anti- Christian rituals. They encourage addictions such as cocaine . Once the priest or seminarian is compromised they use and control him for their own purposes.
    After grade 12, I worked with an inter-church mission team on what was then called File Hills Agency. Every one was at least nominally Christian. There were no pagan symbols and decorations in the home. In a corner of one reserve witch craft was practised but we were strictly warned by the elders not to get involved or to go there.. Now this aberration is suppose to be the official religion of natives all over Canada What was very consistent was framed pictures of  military service in WWII. They considered themselves Christian and Canadian. They had been  willing to fight and to die for this country. According to FSI, Indians have to practise FSI made -up hokum for religion. The FSI’s job is to keep the Liberals in power and in return the money will continue to flow to their wealthyt life style and ever expanding  empire with international connections.
    The FSI is about power not ethics, not compassion. They have no time to worry about unborn babies or grandparents who are starved to death in hospital rooms. They have proven that they will do everything they can to stop natives from defending human life from conception to a natual death.  Yes, they are thugs.well dressed, well spoken, but thugs.