Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Triplication of the Welfare State

May14,  2013
St.Matthias, Apostle
    Can we afford the triplication of the Welfare State? On reserves there is child and family services, welfare services, public housing and more which serves the same purposes as the provincial counterpart, mimics their policies and repeats their failures. FSI wants to be every Indian’s educational controller and wants equal provincial funding with non- reserve schools, plus complete federal funding pluse funding from the bands from various departments. Now the Metis Associations are jubilant because they believe that the Supreme Court Decision that stated  metis are a federal not provincial responsibility means that they can build an equal bureaucratic empire duplicating and replicating the same mistakes, mismanagement, degrading privacy invasions and human control as the provincial,and band empires. They believe it will generate wealth because more of them will get high paying government jobs running the lives of fellow metis. WHOA ! BACK. RETHINK.
    Government never generates wealth. It only redistributes it. High paying government jobs means there has to be a pool of poor metis who are kept poor to justify the high paying government jobs.of other metis. No one knows how many people are metis. The ambitious hard working ones forget about being native, or Scots, or French and get on with running farms, ranches, businesses, raising families, being scientists, engineers, inventors and performers.They’re not ashamed of their native heritage but are ashamed to accept privileges not accorded other Canadians.
    Yes it’s true that $120.00 for a strip of prime farm land on the Red River which now includes the City of Winnipeg is a very low price in hindsight. Yes it’s true that metis have suffered poverty not of their own making.but many metis did get more.  When my great-great Uncle, Rev. Malcom Scott , himself a metis with a native wife, saw that the metis and natives in the Athabasca area were starving he lobbied Ottawa to make them Treaty. The missionaries serving and founding Stanley Mission and La Ronge did the same. These people had already received Scrip but they needed help so they were given Treaty Staus. Therefore most  Treaty Indians are as mixed “ white” as official Metis.
    The Chinese were the main labourers of the Canadian Pacific Railway. On the average one Chinese died for every mile of this great railroad which united and expanded Canada. They were paid such a low wage that others refused the job. The Chinese throughout the years have helped build Canada in many ways.
    The Ukrainians fled Communism, were accused of being Naziis because they were forced to work in German factories by Stalin, yet  volunteered to fight for Canada in WWII in a higher percentage than any other ethnic group. They carved prosperous farms out of bush forest and rock when they started with nothing.
    The Doukabours were so poor their wives did the work of oxen when necessary. Their leader was killed in Canada by Communist agents. They were pacifists but they fught for survival and prosperity. They established fruit farms, canning factories and farms on the prairies.
    No group has more reason to be angry at Canada than the Vietnames. Communist Prime Minister Pearson was complicit in the aggression of Communism in Korea and neighbouring countries. He refused to help stop the Viet Cong . His protege Trudeau approved of the slaughter of the North on the South in 1975.  The Vienamese arrived by fishing boat, had nothing except memories of murder, rape, hunger and fear. They have built businesses, strengthened the Catholic parishes, and became academic leaders . A Vietnames who came to Canada who did not know French or English is now the Chief Engineer at the Canada Space Agency replacing my brother after his death. One Vietnames wrote a book  which described  living in Canada as  FROM HELL TO HEAVEN.
    The Metis for 500 years have been the explorers, the trappers, the Church missionaries, the constant liason between the white and the Indian helping both survive.  The Sask. Metis Assoc. is simply another Liberal- NDP front funded  by the tax payer. My credentials of Metishood are impeccable and recorded. I tried several times to become a member of the local Metis Association in La Ronge and area. Each time I was rejected  Why ? Metis ancestry does not count. Being useful to the Lib- NDP is the key. I am, of course, disqualified. The Metis Assoc.  have their very own passports which is the property of the Assoc.and can be revoked at any time. The Quebec separatists to my knowlege haven’t dared try  this one. The Metis Assoc., like SFI want to build a nation funded by the nation of Canada. They want to create power blocs to split Canada into ethnic chunks. This will destroy Canada and make us vulnerable to a world elite.  The members and leaders may not know this but the socialists who began funding them certainly do.
    This metis wants no more and no less rights and privileges than any other Canadian. Canada owes us nothing. We are Canada. Gay