Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Trudeau Era

May 16, 2013
    What has to be understood and said over and over again is that Pretty Face  Trudeau Junior is not a leader. He is a cover. Of what is he to cover? Firstly he is to cover the corruption and betrayal of Canada of the present and recent Liberal Party including his own voting record . He is to cover-up the history of the Liberal Party from Communist Pearson to his father to Chretien,and  Martin . He is to cover- up the disinformation and distortion of the media who were and are complicit in the betrayalof this blessed Canada.
    The P.E. Trudeau era was not like a Golden Age of Pericles in Athens and lo, here comes son of Pericles to restore the Golden Age. Rather it was more the Era of the Red Peril when Canada was on the brink of totalitarianism, becoming part of the International  Communist Aggression.
    The history magazine, THE BEAVER, once had a contest for their readership to determine who was the worse Canadian. They voted overwhelminly that P. E. Trudeau was the worse and most dangerous  The editors were appalled , did not write an article explaining the Trudeau record but threw in their own list including Arcand the leader of the Fascist movement in Quebec before and during WWII. They didn’t mention that Trudeau was part of that movement and drove about the streets of Quebec City with a Nazii war helmet rather than enlist for Canada. Trudeau later lied about his age to pretend that he was too young to do so.
    Lubor J. Zink , a precise, responsible journalist who personally experienced the terror of Communism says of Trudeau in 29 October, 1975.
    All the mistakes and misjudgements of all our preceding prime ministers since Confederation pale to insignificance in comparison with the havoc wrought by Pierre Elliot Trudeua.
    Everywhere you look his influence is self- evident: in strained English- French relations at the very core of Canada’s existence, in deterioration of moral standards throughout the social fabric, in pampering of criminals,subversives, perverts and parasites, in atrocious reckless waste of public funds, in the bloated pink elephant of federal bureaucracy, in weakened defence capability and paralysed internal security structure, and most emphatically of course in the crippled economy.
    To do that much damage in less than eigh years takes great destructive talent , especiallu in a country as rich in natural resources and as technologically advanced as Canada. Trudeau , a penthouse socialist who is using the Liberal party as a reassuring facade for his social engineering experiments, has supplied that talent. “
     What you have read is a list of what is wrong with Canada today. The political and moral task is to restore Canada to what she was before the thuggery of  Pearson - Trudeau- Chretien. To do that we must understand how Canada was almost destroyed and by whom.
    Trudeau knew before you destroy the economy, the sovereignty and the freedom of the country you must destroy the family. He didn’t stsart with government owned businesses, weakening the military, or  supporting communist countries such as Cuba and the Soviet Union. He started with the Omnibus Bill, May 14, 1969 which was a perfect blue print to attack Marriage, the Family and Life. It liberalised divorce, legalised homosecuality, legalised contraception and sterilisation and and legalised abortion. 200,000 Canadians are slaughtered every year by abortion because of this bill.
    Trudeau knew that you can’t destroy the free enterprise economy before you attack the family. Today we can’t restore a sound economy without defending the family. That begins by restoring protection to the most vulnerable ,the unborn child. Gay