Monday, May 20, 2013

Real Racism and Real Evil

May 20,2013
Queen Victoria Day
    The need for thought, information and attitude control is reaching fever pitch. Cansorship in the name of Human Rights has become epidemic. In the meantime real racism to the point of eugenic open policies are rife. Eugenics is the belief and practice that only certain people should be allowed to have children and an elite will decide who those people are. It is a form of ethnic cleansing.
    While I was talking to the organiser of the Regina March for Life she said that in Saskatchewan abortions are only done up to 12 weeks gestation. There was something that didn’t ring true. We had gone to Prince Albert , bought baby clothes and stood by the delivery table of a student who had been told that they could crush the skull of her baby while she is in labour and thus rid her of her burden. We were there to make sure that didn’t happen. While I went to the washroom after the baby was safely delivered the 17 year old girl was given depo provera without her or my permission.
    Many northern girls hide their pregnancy as long as they can so they won’t be pushed into abortion. Probably most abortions are done on northern girls after 12 weeks because that is when the girls “get caught” and are pushed into abortion. 
    Married women are also pushed into abortion. Mrs. Linda Cook was forced to go down to City Hospital in Saskatoon to have an abortion. She ran away three times. They brought her back and forced an abortion and sterilisation on her. She has since died because the wrong medicine was given to her at the Southend Clinic. I have been told that “People are sick of hearing about Linda Cook. She had her 13 children.” Since the atrocity of abortion continues we will continue to talk about our friend, Mrs. Cook.
    The SaskParty government draws up academic standards for Saskatchewan schools then gets the SFI to write their own report for aborigional education. Parents are ordered  against their will to send their children to a school that doesn’t teach reading. The highest law of Canada states that parents decide the education of the children and Catholic schools have a right to exist and be Catholic. Natives are not allowed educational choice, academic standards or even literacy but are forced into schools that are hang-outs, and drug infested .
    Murder is everywhere a serious criminal offence ...except in the North. Many times people know full well who did the murder and who ordered the murder. There is no real attempt at justice. Murders are dismissed as suicides even though that is clearly impossible. It tidies up the files.
    These policies and practices are all racist. It is racist to limit abortion in the southern part of the province and encourages it to partial delivery in the North. It is racist to have educational choice, and academic standards in the south but feathers and time wasters in the North. It is racist to permit and dismiss murder in the North and have justice in the South. It is racist to have drug busts in the South but not in the North even though drugs are controlling people, communities, local, provincial and federal elections.
    Meanwhile a CBC snip reporter using her best condemnatory voice decries that Saskatchewan people did not want to fill out long census forms when they had a choice. She clearly made the point that divulging personnel information to the government should be a duty punishable by jail as in the past. This was followed by the news story that there is an increase in the aboriginal population. There’s a population increase and baby boom all over Saskatchewan. Why aren’t their news stories about an increase in the Ukrainian population? Or the Scots population? Or the Vietnames population? The answer is those people are allowed to be Canadians. Aboriginals are treated as a sub- nation used by parasite politicians and decried by population controllers.  That is tue racism and that is true evil. Gay