Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pro- Life Lethargy a Disgrace

May 22,2013
    On May 09,2013 there were about 25000 people marching for the protection of the unborn in Ottawa, 2300 prolifers at the Capital in Edmonton, Alberta, 1800 in Victoria, B.C. and in Regina ,Saskatchewan there were 300. That is a disgrace.
    John was talking to one of the  organisers in Edmonton. These were her suggestions for success:. Always start meetings with prayer. Have some ethics. What is said in the process of the meeting stays at the meeting. Contact the homeschoolers in the province.Go to the Religion teachers in the schools. They can have one class outing a year. This is a great opportunity for a class event.. Keep in touch with the prolife groups throughout the year. Not too difficult so why does Edmontong get out 8 times more people than Saskatchewan? What if this was something that people consider important like a Riders vs. Eskimoes foot ball game?
    Saskatchewan people have many virtues. They do at times have a terrible vice. For every effort there are ten people explaining why it can’t work, shouldn’t be done and is against policy. The naysayers really believe that they have contributed something.
    The Knights of Columbus were the organisers of the event. There are 20 K.C. councils in Saskatoon I am told. There are probably as many in Regina. There could easily be 100 K.C. groups throughout the province.  If each of those groups sent one representative we would have had 80 more Knights than were there. If they brought their wives, one child or grandchild we could have 300 people right there.  Likewise the CWL and the Ukrainian CWL. That could be up to 900 people from those groups alone.
    The heads of the  Knights don’t like graphic pictures of the unborn. They will not participate if such pictures are shown. Frankly I question their right to veto anything when they make such a poor showing.
    We have more homeschoolers than many provinces. Many of those people have families of 10 or more. If just 10 of those families showed up there would be another 100.
    We have many Christian Schools. To my knowledge none of those were contacted. If five of the 30 schools came there would be another 250 at least. There was a speaker from the Regina Evangelical Association. He did not in any way make a clear statement that their group  opposed  murder before birth. He talked about Jesus loving children but very carefully did not once mention the purpose of the march which was to protect the pre- born children whom Jesus also loves. He should not have been allowed to speak. His views were not typical of most Evangelical Christians that we know.
     A Castholic School should be de facto  a pro- life school. If the most fundamental belief in the sanctity of all human life is not taught then is it really a Catholic school? There were no Catholic schools or even classes. We have to wake up to the terrible state of the lack of  Catholicism in our schools. I am told that no priest is allowed to walk into the “ Catholic” school in Swift Current let alone a pro- life representative. This dismal showing reflects the ill health of Catholic schools in the province.
    The Knights each year discuss ways to pair down their efforts .Not on a week day? No busses?  No one to my knowledge is discussing ways to correct this public disgrace. One knight stands up and reads a speech that the Pope wants us to promote the Culture of Life and oppose the Culture of Death. 
    Let’s put Life back in oursleves.  Many Northerners like ourselves do not have ready access to the Sacraments including Confession. Every Council is connected to a Church where they can go to Confession. There needs to be massive repentance for the sin of indifference , for the hypocricy of being a Knight, a CWL member, a Catholic, a Christian and carrying so little about the holocaust of the unborn.  There needs to be individual prayer and prayer groups committed to putting ethics, fire and zeal to the pro- life cause leading to clear results.  We need a Pentecost of Holy Spirit Power to renew life in us and love for the life of others. We get that on our knees. That’s where we should and must begin. Gay

PART II: Saskatchewan at present has some of the best Pro- life Members of Parlament ever elected. Vellacott over and over has put himself on the line. The only ones who do not vote for protection of Life are: 1.Liberal Ralf Goodale who gets a free ride back to parliament every election for no good reason and for apparent complete lack of opposition from pro- family people, 2. Randy Hoback in Prince Albert who could be educable and 3.  Lynn Yelich in Saskatton East . These all are in pro-life territory. Goodales has had 40 years to prove himself and have shown he is  committed Anti- Life and Anti- Family . The other two need pro- life pressure and if necessary a contested nomination. So it these three are not your MP you have a good Pro- Life Politician. What are you doing about it.?
    For ,many the answer is “Nnothing. But since Prime Minister Stephen Harper ticks me off I think I’ll vote for the Trudeau Liberals.” One reason there is so much lethargy and division in the pro- life ranks in Saskatchewan is some of the leadership have been working for years to make the Pre- life organisation a chunk of the Liberal machine just as e the Federation of Sask Indians, and the Sask. Metis Assoc. are Liberal blocks. This doesn’t make any sense and is in fact Betrayel and Sabatoge.
    FACT: 200 thousand Canadians are slaughtered each year because of one man. That man was Pierre Elliot Trudeau. It wasn’t the Supreme Court; it wasn’t the electorate; it was one man, Prime Minister Pearson gave himthe cabinet post of Minister of Justice without ever beenelected. Pearson is now revealed as a top ranking Communist. He was elected leader by the machination of the sme Pearson. He never campaigned that he would legalise abortion but Bill I of his reign brought in the carnage of the unborn along with four salient anti- family measures. Others did not check the tide of slaughter but Trudeau began it, protected it and expanded it. The Liberal Party has never deviated from the Mass Murder of the Unborn  Trudeau Junior has upheld in vote, in action and in speech every anti- life, and anti-family measure . He was elected “ leader” because he is Trudeau Junior in name,deed and loyalty.
     No person remotely concerned about pro- family, pro- life issues should EVER vote Liberal and Trudeau. If we had got that in our heads forty years ago we would have millions more Canadians in this under populated  country.
    Andrew Sheer from Saskatchewan is the House Speaker. He ruled against the Prime Minister and for the back bencher’s right to free speech including and especially on life issues. Do you think a Liberal Housespeaker would get away with ruling against his leader? Sheer’s ruling was one of the great moments in parliamentary history. What are you doing for Sheer and others like him? Trudeau called Members of Parliament” Nobodies.”
     Where is the dissent and debate on life issues in the Liberal- NDP ranks? 
Non- existent. Once again people are judging Tories by the lack of perfection and the Liberals and NDP by fantasy and media hype. A passing mark for Tories is 100%. A passing mark for Liberal- NDP is .....???? Well at least they’re quietly all wrong together.
    If you have a Member of Parliament who supports Life phone him up and tell him or her that you support him. Do it now. Gay