Friday, May 24, 2013

Liberal Control of ProLife Continued

May 24,2013
    Some people were not amused when I made the statements that the prolife movement in Saskatchewan is and has been sabotaged by people who do things in the interests of theLiberal- NDP juggernaut. So: to continue.
    When I was working in the office of then Dave Tkatchuk, now Senator the pro- lifers were voter supporters throughout Saskatoon and the province. Those lists were sold to the Liberals and were never given to help any Conservative pro life candidate at any level. Bernadette Mysko , then President of Saskatoon Pro- Life  took direction from Tom Schuck, The Liberal Lawyer who has worked to control the direction of the Prolife Organisation for years.
    A prominent businessman promised to see that we would be funded after his death. That was stopped . I asked Tom Schuck to help us get that money for the mission. He took the information and opportunity apparently to convince the heir that he on behalf of pro- life should have that money. Sometimes they give us a few dollars just to show what nice people they are. Hence, Sask. ProLife has lots of money to do “ political work.” Political work is working for the Liberals.
    People are told not to give to us and not to allow us participation in pro- life organisations because I secretly want to run for political office. Why should that be a problem to pro- lifers? I have a Right to run for office but I happen to have no plans to do so. Our son would be a better candidate. Yet President Marci Millette stood up and encouraged
others to run for public office. She believes that the Pro Life organisation is safely in the hands of the Liberals so they’re looking for candidates.  There was no discussion about saving the many pro- life politicians in the SaskParty or in the Federal Conservative caucus.
     Organiser Roth talked about nurses are concerned that they would be pushed against their conscience IN THE FUTURE. No mention was made that people have been pushed out of medical school and nursing for 40 years at least. I recently made it public how may husband was treated and how professors told me that he was being persecuted. We got no help from the pro- life group on campus because the head said “ Protestants are stupid.”I haven’t heard that she now thinks we are no longer retarded since we have  become Catholic.
    In the Devine government I authored a bill that was supported by a vast majority including the Premier. It was scuttled by two (2) of 64 MLA’s. Since the bill didn’t come to a vote people like Mysko would not work for the Tories in the next elections including me. She would not let our son work in the prolife office.
    When the NDP got back in Mysko presented to the legislature a petition of 30,000 signatures to de- fund abortion.  She spent all that time to give the NDP a list of pro- lifers but couldn’t spend time to help keep a pro- life Tory government.
    Not one word has been written or said about the Trudeau Junior voting record or the historic record of his father of whom he is to emulate. To repeat: We have abortion  in Canada at the rate of 200,000 a year because of one man: Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Cdn prolife papers repeat their American theme “ We have Gosnell because of Roe vs. Wade. “ It also should be said America has the Jan. 231973 Supreme Court Decision of Roe vs. Wade because Canada, the moderate, the sensible, the Catholic neighbour legalised adortion on May 14, 1969 four uears earlier.  It will not be the last time Canada is used to endorse an evil trend. Trudeau was Obama forty years earlier
    .We were able to go to the Pro- Life March because we were begging for help to save our home. Persecution had intensified because we distributed pro- life newspapers in the North. Prolifers said to Millette that you should let Caswells speak because they are being persecuted. She said “ No we can’t because Gay broke the law.” The law that I had allegedly broken was I was charged with breaking and entering because my husband , not I climbed up a railing, broke a window and climbed in to let me and $3000 of camp groceries into our home.  No one travels farther than us to go to the Pro- Life March. We assume we are going to be pushed aside . When I put our names on a list to organise the March next year, Knight Louis Roth came over to check if I was really  Gay Caswell. Apparently the head Knights have an understanding that they we are not to be supported or helped , WHY?  Ask them. Then tell us.  However this year Chantal Devine, wife or former Premier Devine was not alllowed to speak. Denise Roth said that “people won’t come our if there are too many speeches.” One Conservative wishing to speak on behalf of th CWL is one too many.
     The Liberal position on Injuns is they are the property of Sask. Federation of Indians
and the SFI is the property of the Liberal Party.. Millette, President for the third time has this view. We beg for prolife newspapers and pamphlets. She will only give us birth control, albeit NFP, information pamphlets and a dozen newspapers when we ask for thousands of papers. We get prolife material from Edmonton and none from Saskatchewan  for boxes for point in Northern Canada and to four continents. Sask Prolife does not acknowledge in any way our prolife efforts and apparently sees that natives and northerners have no part to play in the prolife,  profamily movement.
    To repeat: Mrs. Linda Cook of Southend,Reindeer Lake ran away from City Hospital in Saskatoon three times to escape a forced abortion. She was brought back three times like an escaped slave. They forcibly aborted her child and sterilised her against her will. When she told us about the horror has the priest requested she was given wrong medicine from the clinic under the direction of a La Ronge doctor and was killed.
    Millette as President of SaskProlife said “ No one wants to hear about Linda Cook. She had her 13 children..” Gosnell killed women as well as babies. So does SaskMedicare. Millette says no body wants to hear about it. Tom Schuck Liberal lawyer gives us $800 and a note that says we should support Milllette as President.
    Bill Whatcott wears a t-shirt that says “The NDP are pro- abortion.” The back does not say “ So are the Liberals” . He is a client of Tom Schuck and now on Marcy’s board.
    Congratulations to New Brunswick who had more than 400 people at their March for Life, more than our  much larger province.. Gay