Monday, May 27, 2013

Accountability Time for Alleged Pro- Lifers

May 27,2013
    Before me is a pamphlet by Testimonium Pro Vitae, the organising committe for Alberta’s March for Life held on May 09. It exists; it’s colourful; its informative.
There were 8 speakers. Everyone including themselves knew who were speaking.
    In contrast Mrs. Roth was very proud that she offended Chantal Devine, that Chantal expected to speak on behalf of the CWL and was refused.  Mrs. Devine, wife of ardent prolife former Premier should obviously have been asked to be on the organisation committee which would have worked for a year.
    Mr. John Carpay who defended Bill Whatcott in the Supreme Court gave a great speech. The few speakers at Regina were at best wooden, except for the one from Silent No More. 
    People brought their lunches at noon and heard music by Couples for Life. That is not a professional band. It is a lay people’s ministry who like praising Jesus. John Caswell was singing while we took the rosary balloon from Christ the King Hall to the Legislature . Other than that no music, no singing was heard.
    The actual parade began with (Gasp, Hold on to your Hats Boys) with “O Canada”.
They sang the National Anthem and there wasn’t even a hockey game!!! Not only was no love of Queen and Country evident in Regina there was a crass insult. Near the Legislature there is appropriately a statue of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of our country. (The Prime Minister is not the head of State but is the Head Minister of the Crown.) Mr. Roth is giving direction told the crowd “ pass the statue of a horse.” Can you imagine a march director saying in Washington “ pass the obelisk and pass the statue of an armchairr” People would roar with indignation that he did not say pass the Washington memorial and pass the Lincoln Monument.
    There were no politicians who was asked to speak in Edmonton. However I hear last year six elected officials stood out in the pouring rain in Regina. It would seem that one of them should have been asked to speak . At least two or three committed pro- life politicians should be asked to serve on the committee. Although the MP’s are committed to Ottawa one MP or his or her representative  could at least serve on the steering committee throughout the year. They would among other things get out other politicians and their party fatithful who are pro- life.
    A Deacon and a Priest were on the speaking list in Ottawa. No Catholic clergy was ask to speak. I believe a protestant pastor spoke but he wasn’t even committed to protecting children before birth. At least one priest and one protestant pastor should be on the steering committee to among other things get out more clergy and their parishes and congregations.
    The marchers took to the streets in Edmonton. One thing that the Left taught us was how to have marches. You get permission from the police. A policeman precedes the march so traffic is stopped . A Canadian flag is carried. And the marches hit the streets. They do not crowd on the sidewalk and stop at every light so the parade is interrupted and broken.  Soldiers march on a street they do not wait for walk lights. The cramped and ineffective stroll on the sidewalk is one of many signals that the organisers expect and want the event to be small.
    II.There is much talk about accountability these days. Senators are expected to follow rules that they didn’t know existed . Someone can’t get money to pay a bill from an associate’s personal not taxpayer funds. The Toronto mayor is a supposed international embarrassment from a picture that has never been produced. It’s the old  CBC has a deadline but not a story.  The Left hasn’t an issue or a solution but can act outraged.
    There are supposed Prolifers who think they are serving the cause by criticizing politicians who don’t wave a wand and immediately get rid of all abortions. The prolifers themselves are so committed they can’t be bothered to get out on  a march and bring one or two people with them. They expect politicians to sacrifice all for their claimed personal cause and yet won’t do a thing to support that politician. Not only does the politicians have to be perfect so does his leader and  his colleagues. If not the self proclaimed  virtuous prolifer will support the election of the NDP or the Liberals ( same thing.). This is gross stupidity and/ or duplicity and must be treated as the anti- life statement and action that it is.
    Hitler killed five million Jews and a great many other people including Catholics and other Christians. Stalin starved to death at least 2 million Ukrainians who would not willingly give up their farms that were feeding themselves and all of Europe. Hitler is a mass murderer. Stalin is a mass murderer. Trudeau passed a bill, No 1 , in his career as Prime Minister that would lead to the murder of 4 million innocent Canadians and set the stage for Roe vs. Wade in the U.S. He allowed the Morgenthaler abortion empire to flourish which paved the way for abortion clinics in the U.S. He did nothing to reverse or halt the carnage in or out of public life. His son whose voting record all ready shows his committed to anti- life anti- family causes is now head of a Liberal Party who lost its ethics and reason- to- be after Louis St. Laurent, 60 years ago. The supposed  pro- lifers who only criticise and never support conservative pro- life politians are now drooling and slobbering to be part of the Son- of - Trudeau movie.
    Just as Stalin and Hitler are mass murderers so is P.E. Trudeau . Thus we support his unrepentant son???  Does a unrepentant son of a Nazi become head of a Jewish rights league??
      III     The prolife “ leaders “  who want to be a big frog in a little controlled pond keep using the bishops as an excuse not to do this or that. I invite them to go to their bishop or any bishop in Saskatchewan: Ukrainian , Roman , Greek Orthodox or Anglican  and ask them:
    Do you think women should be forced into abortion?
    Do you think women who already have 13 children should be forced into abortion and sterilisation?
    Do you think a woman from an isolated northern community who cares so much about protecting her baby and her convictions that she would run away from City Hospital and escape into the streets of Saskatoon where she has no knowledge and no contacts to  should be hunted down, not once but three times , captured and by force aborted and sterilised?
    Do you think that woman has no right to tell of her experience to a priest who in turn would ask her to tell people who would make it public/
    Do you think that woman should be killed by wrong medicine for her courage to speak of this outrage?
    We all already know the answers. If you added that the woman is native ( actually about as pale and mixed as I am) there would not be one bishop who would deviate from his answers. Some may increase their outrage at the atrocity. I can easily visualize the complexion and voice of some Anglican bishops that I know.
    Yet the leader of Saskatchewan Pro- Life Association has said “ No one wants to hear about Linda Cook. She had her 13 children.”  We were given $800 from Tom Schuck, Liberal Stalwart as a bribe to support this person for leader of Sask Pro- Life. Accountability isn’t just for senators, and elected politicians . It is time alleged prolifers faced their words and actions and be made accountable.  Gay