Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Matthew Solomon Charles Pray for Us

May 28, 2013
    Matthew Solomon Charles is dead. ( born Dec.06, 2012- died May 27, 2013) . He died after many seizures. Matthew was an exceptionally bright, healthy  and beautiful child. We gt a phone call from his mother when he was 2 months old asking that we take her and Matthew to the clinic so he could have his shots. I was irritated at the request because vaccination is hardly an emergency, the mother would get a free taxi ride to the clinic whereas we don’t get medical taxis and never get reimbursed when we are the taxi. She was unusually upset. Apparently she had been threatened that she had to take him for his shots.
    Soon they did go to the clinic and Matthew got needles in both legs. At 11 AM he was rushed to Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon with a burning fever. He began to have seizures. It was claimed that these occurred due to “ a  hereditary condition of fatty tissue of athe brain. “ Matthew did not have any seizures until he got vaccinations. Recently there has been an unusual number of babies and small children with seizures in the North. The question is do these sizures occur before or after the children get vaccines? If so, are the vaccines the cause of them in whole or part? I can’t answer that. We have not the resources to do such medical research but there are means for others to answer that question.
    Vaccines ARE NOT compulsory. They are not compulsory in Saskatoon, in Regina on any reserve and in the North. Even if they were no breast fed  2 month old needs rushed vaccinations and an overdose at one time. In Saskatoon there are mothers who have made it clear that they are not interested but continually get phone calls from public health. If it was a car dealership it would be considered harassment. Well it is harassment and it is misrepresentation. The caller never discloses that these vaccines have contraindications or are optional. The Southend Clinic operates on being bossy and the less authority a person has the more bullying becomes her voice.
    No parent has to inflict her child to what she considers a potentially dangerous procedures.  We have a right to question the safety of these vaccines and to make decisions. We also must take responsibility for what we do. When the mother and/ or father takes drugs and drinks to drunkeness they are endangering the child from conception to birth and after. Many parents will puff cigarettes in 30 below weather outside their door to protect a child. That’s good. But what about the cocaine, marijuana et c et c that is in the mother’s milk, on parents’ clothing and breath, and in the home environment?. No we can’t prove that drugs and alcohol are causing seizures in children anymore than we can prove that vaccines do . But none of us including users believe that it is good for us and children.
    Matthew is not the first person who died after vaccines in our community. Isaac Charles Sr.died after a flu shot. He had diabetes which was under control. He had cancer which was under control. The Southend Clinic came barreling down to Brabant Lake to push the flu shot. John and I were phoned and refused. Isaac was more used to submitting to orders from clinics. He had a flu shot. His health immediately began to deteriorate. In two months he was dead.  Coincidental? We’re not convinced that it was so.
    Later it was admitted that there was a particularly harmful batch of flu vaccines in the North. Oh. Coincidental that the bad batch went to the North?  Gay
    Matthew we love you and pray that Marjorie, your grandmother will take care of you in Heaven..  G.