Tuesday, June 4, 2013

October 15, 2006- Revisited

June 04,2013
            On the night of Oct.14-15 ,2006 a vehicle was heading north to Southend, Reindeer Lake on Highway 102, a mine road with plenty of rocks ,hills, curves, dust and flying gravel. At a reasonably straight and safe stretch 1.5 km south of Brabant Lake a vehicle swerved into the bush and turned over leaving one man decapitated and two sent to hospital where they were released . One received injuries  to her back and neck. The fourth person left the accident and hitchhiked south to La Ronge. He was seen picking up dope at Linda’s Corner at about 2 AM. His name was Gary Merasty MP of Denesthe- Missinipi- Churchill in Northern Saskatchewan
            Many Brabant Lake people saw the carnage, the smashed front window, the beer cans in profusion floating in pools of blood.  In a very short time the scene of the accident was thoroughly cleaned with no traces of glass, blood,  beer cans and other debris. There was no extensive police investigation. The path of the vehicle in the bush could be seen for some time due to crushed brush. It was obvious the vehicle was going at an intense speed to mow down the thick growth . In the usual tradition a cross is put where a person has died. No cross was erected for some time so we put a cross in a pail of cement where the accident occurred. 
            People from Southend and Brabant Lake were telling my husband John that morning that there were four people not three as Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation stated. I phoned up MBC and asked “Why were they reporting three when there were four people and the fourth was Member of Parliament Merasty. Everybody in Brabant Lake and Southend knows that.”  The woman said “ We know that but the rest of the North doesn’t.
            MBC has always supported the Liberal- NDP establishment which in turn makes sure that the radio station is well funded. Merasty is a Liberal.
            That morning I phoned Liberal lawyer, Kapoor on another matter. He said emphatically “Keep out of this! It’s not your business.!” I said when the body parts of a human being are strewn over the road near my home it is my business.”
            I phoned Gary Merasty’s constituency office. No one answered so I left a message. “This is Gay Caswell. Why did you leave the scene of the accident.”  In the afternoon he phoned back from Meadow Lake and said “ This is Gladys Clarke from Southend, right”  I said my name again and repeated my question. Without denying anything he paused for a while, said a few things and then abruptly hung up as if his head cleared enough to realise that Gay Caswell and Gladys Clarke are not the same people.
            Gary’s sister Delores Merasty Cook was passed out at the time of the accident. She told me that she had to go to court but nothing was going to happen to her they promised. She was taking the rap for her brother and claiming it was she who was driving the vehicle. Nothing did happen to her except the sin and crime of lying in court.  She said that she would like to make a shrine for Darryl who was her friend. She was told that they could have a fish derby on his behalf instead. Eventually a stone was erected a short distance north of the scene of the accident and the cross in the pail of cement was moved there.
            Shortly after this Gary Merasty resigned as MP “ to spend more time with his family. Rob Clarke, Conservative  won the by- election and is still the MP today.  Cameco , the uranium corporation, hired Gary . A new  intense action to push us out of the North, to destroy the mission and myself was intensified. Readers may recall the prolonged effort to make us homeless by locking us out and boarding up our windows and doors about five times. Many people asked why are they so intent on getting us out of the North?! Their actions seemed extreme even for socialist vendettas in socialist Saskatchewan.
            Merasty has been positioning himself to run again as the Liberal candidate . “He “, to quote a Northerner ,” acts very prim and proper at Cameco meetings.”  He assumes that we are sufficiently bludgeoned that we won’t dare to keep alive the events  of Oct. 15, 2006.
In a few days we are going to do an on- site Youtube filming on the manslaughter of Darryl McKenzie. Stay tuned . Gay

            NOTE: If some of my details are off I encourage people to come forward and help me to correct them. To my knowledge there is no statute of limitations on manslaughter which includes leaving the scene of the accident. This event has never received a proper and thorough police investigation. The Liberals used the RCMP as their political enforcers. The Stephen Harper government is working to restore the integrity and effectiveness of Canada’s esteemed police force. Criminal investigation and conviction is the business of the police and courts. It is my business  to disclose what I know to the public G.