Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Destroying the Catholic of the Catholic Church

June 05,2013
Feast of  St. Boniface,
    St. Boniface ( 680-735)  was a missionary from England who was sent by the Pope to preach to the pagan Germans. He found that among other thing they wosrshipped an oak tree and called it sacred. He chopped down the tree. No demons attacked him. The Germans saw that his God was more powerful than their pagan gods which the Bible describes as demons. ( Psalms 95:5 Douay - Rheims) . Although  St. Boniface was killed by an angry mob he has brought Christianity to this pagan country and is called the Apostle of Germany.When the Catholic Church was advancing westward they called their missionary centre St. Boniface Diocese, the name still held in the suburb and main road in Winnipeg today. They knew that they had to destroy the belief in pagan gods and replace them with unadulterated Christianity. Many hardships and  martyrs followed but their missionary efforts were crowned with success. Pope Pius XII called Northern Saskatchewan and regions the jewels of the Church.
    By the logic or illogic of todays St. Boniface should have said a Mass mixed with incantations to the oak tree, told the Germans that their gods were as good as Rome’s or England’s, and he wouldn’t dream of imposing his religious culture and morals on the Germans.
    The Germans did have a political leader who worked at bringing Germany back to their pagan roots. His name was Adolf Hitler.
    All over Canada church personnel with the help of political leaders, civil servants and taxpayer money are polluting Christianity..They are attacking the Catholic of the Catholic Church.  Catholic means universal. It’s truth and liturgy are universal. All over the world its teachings and practices are the same.  Why should elders in Fort Smith be alienated from the Mass and have their church defaced with medicine wheels and pagan giche from the Orkney Islands, Scotland ? Why should an electrician from Nova Scotia discover the local Catholic Church in that community is not for him?   Why should a native in rediculed while warning people of hexes and curses connected to pagan practices and pow wows? She is one generation away from a long house and nine wives to one chief.  She isn’t on a liturgical committee or have a government grant to whine about victimhood. Why should we all be subjected to old Liberal posters of natives and politicians holding eagle feathers and describing pagan practices in our hospitals and libraries?
    Sacred Heart Church in Edmonton is given over to being a missionary centre to paganism. What right have they to steal church property and church donations to evangelise away from Christianity?
    There is a universality of demonism. Recently a missionary film from Indonesia had a shamon doing a dance and going into a trance exactly like a pow wow in Saskatchewan. Anasi, the spider in Africa is a deceiver and trickster like Nanapus. But the Salish, Objibway Cree and Haida et c et c have cultures as diverse from each other as the Manchurian, Norwegian , and Italian. So forty years ago Ernie Tootoosis and others began creating a religion which was a mix of Christianity, Cree and Scots paganism with added New Age touches from Ottawa civil servants. They had plenty of taxpayer money, lots of conferences and lots of bureaucratic help. After they invented this ever evolving religion they got lots of money and conferences to complain that they were denied “ their culture” in residential schools. Therefore they deserved apologies and lots of taxpayer and church money and conferences.
     Western Canada’s great missionaries like Lacombe O.M.I, Grandin O.M.I, Charlebois OM.I never had any collusion with paganism. The Anglican missionaries like Rev. Malcolm Scott, Head Primate of the Canadian Anglican Church  and Rev. Matthews in Onion Lake were native and orthodox in their Anglicanism. To deviate from the Anglican liturgy was unthinkable. That is still the position of the native Anglican priests that we experience.
    I met a priest from Haiti and asked him about voodooism. He said that is part of the Haiti culture. I asked if he practised it in whole or part? He was shocked at such a question.
“ No! I’m a priest.! “ The answer to including pagan symbols and practices in the Church should be “ No! We’re Catholic! “ Gay