Saturday, June 8, 2013

Obama wants to hear your plans

June 08,2013
    The big news is Obama has been spying on the citizenry of the United States. It is justified to stop “terrorism.” It is important to listen not only to what politicians say but also to what they don’t say. Terrorism was not defined as Muslim terrorism. In the United States under Obama pro- lifers are considered terrorists. Catholics are designated as an extremist group. In the army one cannot share your Catholic Faith with your colleagues. You can however proposition a junior officer without fear of retaliation  if of the same sex. If of the opposite sex you may face sexual harassment charges.
    All phonecalls, texting, twitter, google searches e- mails and blogs go through U.S. Security and certain words, phrases, names are targetted and opens the writer to further investigation. Tens of millions of Armericans  thus have their privacy stolen, along with their freedom of expression, freedom of association , freedom to engage in public discourse and public activity.
    How much does the Obama administration really care about Muslim Terrorism? The Boston Marathon Bombing where 3 people were killed and 264 wounded was done by the Tsarnaev brothers. One of them is called Tamerlan. Tamerlan was a 14th. Century Muslim who called himself the “ Sword of Islam” and killed 17 million people.
    Twice the government of Russia contacted the U.S. FBI and warned them that Tamerlan was a dangeriys risk. Twice the FBI ignored it.
    His brother Dzkokhar partied with two students who drove a vehicle with Terrorists #1 licence plate.
    In the U.S. there has been 53 attempted terror attacks since Sept. 11, 2001 almost all of them perpetrated by Muslims who were legally admitted to that country.
    So what has these terrorists attacks  got to do with communications of people who don’t like high taxes, baby killing, and snuffing out grandmothers among other issues. Nothing. But it has a great deal to do with Obana’s vision of turning America into a police state.
    What has this got to do with Canada?. A great deal.  When Canadians use Twitter, Face Book, Google, write blogs and e- mail friends and family using American servers they are being monitored and spied on by United States Security. THE FOREIGN COUNTRY, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, UNDER OBAMA IS SPYING ON US, CITIZENS OR SUBJECTS OF HER MAJESTY, OF OUR COUNTRY ,CANADA.
    But it didn’t start there. Long before Obama entered the Whitehouse, long before there were personal computers, facebook, e- mails et c our home and our phone was tapped not by Washington but by Regina. Our house on 29 th. St. in Saskatoon was tapped, our school phone and our home phone has been tapped since we moved in 1996. Our house has been tapped. We have been on virtual 24 hour monitor for years.  Why? We have ethics that does not allow us to  look the other way at murder. drugs, sexual abuse of minors among other things. We are not NDP or Liberal and never will be.
    La Ronge Housing Authority admiited that they heard all our ohone conversations at an Appeal Hearing in Prince Albert. Staff of the Municipal Office in La Ronge have bragged about hearing our conversations. So big deal? Small town politics? It is a very big deal. When one person’s privacy is stolen anyone’s privacy can be stolen. We are no longer a democracy but on the way to being a police state and accepting the overthrow of our sindependent country to a police state.
    Trudeau Junior says of the Boston Marathon Bombing we should look for the root cause. Lack of sensitivity training?. Maclean’s Magazine says it’s poor education. The brothers were students at prestigious MIT university and at taxpayer expense. Trudeau Junior, and fellow Liberals plus the NDP support jihad law for Canada. That means that according to the Siamese Twins 0pposition Party if a father wants to kill his wife and/or  daughters he jolly well can in our fair Dominion . Major undeclared campaign donations from Muslim groups  help.
    The Charter of Rights , our Cnstitution and our laws long before Confederation are based on the principle of equality before the law of male and female. The Lib- NDP do not support this principle. Trudeau Jr. said in the House that criticizing wife killing is
 “ insensitive.” I don’t know about you but I’m a little sensitive about allowing any husband to kill his wife because she is sometimes annoying. This could spread.
    After 9/11/01 the Liberal government but aside billions “to protect Canada from Terrorism.” They then diverted the money to other departments and to people and places unknown to the Auditor General and the present government. The rationale was” Terrorism was no longer  a threat” Trying to blow up the Parliament buildings and kill our Prime Minister is not terrorism? Trying to blow up a Via Train is not terrorism?
     Obama is a socialist and believes in atate power over the individual. So does the Lib- NDP. They no doubt work together. Terrorism , Muslim or otherwise creates a mileu in which people are willing to give up freedom for stability.  Hence socialist statists really don’t fight terrorism, look the other way and get on with tapping private conversations about family reunions.  Gay