Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mitchief and other Hokum

May 04,2013
    Do Natives including Metis have a right to be A. Christian?
                              B. Canadian?
    According to FSIN,( Federation of Sask Indian et c.) The Aboriginal Education Report, Gary Merasty’s Liberal Organisation oops Education Report, The Liberal Party of Canada, and The NDP the answer is no.
    Since Communist Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson there has been a concerted effort to stop Christian influence on reserves and among natives.  The programme never stopped and is going full steam.
    The SaskParty Government gave FSIN the opportunity to be part of the Ed.task force. The script is pure professional victimhood. The BIG IDEAS are in primary printing font. Aims and objectives are too big words for us Indians who never get a good education no matter what.  The cover is a Blood Red Feather.
    When the SaskParty Government confiscated all tax funded Catholic Schools and made them state property was the law decorated with a bleeding Jesus on the cross mourning that a 100 year ant- Catholic dream has been fulfilled ?.
    Feathers, dream catchers and other hokum are not spiritually neutral. They are pagan trappings of an animist religion that believes inanimate objects such as stones, feathers, bird claws have spirits and power in themselves and can be made conveyors of power, that is demonic power.
    The feather says it all. The report is a complete abandonement to pagan practices and deceptions.The goal is the ghettoisation of natives without proper educational skills to overcome their controllers.
    When three politicians disturbed the Anglican Funeral  Liturgy for an hour they said
 “ the eagle feather is the highest honour.” Excuse me, the clergy, the family, the congregation , the church building, the crosses at the grave site are saying otherwise.
    The highest honour is that the Person who made the bird, who wore the feather died on a cross to pay for our sins.
    The three politicians stated their pagan trappings, their amusing stories, their polished and wealthy selves are more important than a liturgy that directs the deceased to the mercy and arms of Jesus
    What would happen in Ireleand  if three Orangemen took over a Catholic Funeral Mass for an hour?
    To show how absurd is the report is it recommends that metis students are instructed in mitchief. Mitchief? Did no one is the Ministry of Educationne ask them to explain what is that? Firstly let’s define Metis.
    Samuel de Champlain landed on the shores of the St. Lawrence in 1604,he promised to the natives that his men would marry their daughters. That promise most surely was kept. Since the “vigorous hybrid ‘ race, the metis  began 500 years ago it is perhaps the largest genetic ethnic group in Canada. Their roots are firmly steeped in the Catholic Church. To trace the “ fur highway” of North America join a line through every shrine, church and town called Ste. Anne or Ann as in Ann Arbor.
    Mitchief was a nickname for the useful and inevitable practice of mixing French and Cree. It is comparable to Franglais,( French and English). It was not a written language but one of convenience . Nothing was ever written in it except perhaps a packing slip or shopping list. To elevate this historic and common occurance of mixing two languages to a serious language is well, fur feathers. After teaching them good, fluent, grammatical English why not offer the second official language of Canada, French and teach it with high standards. If native languages are taught they should be taught with gradeable and accountable standards. By the way Cree and Dene are written preserved languages thanks to the Christian missionaries.  No mitchief hokum please. Gay