Thursday, May 2, 2013

Northern Alleged Medical Care

May 02, 2013
    Is it time to tell the truth about medicare? Especially Northern alleged Medical Care?
    What could be more simple than getting a refill of an antibiotic . Two weeks ago we went on a rush trip Thursday evening because it was obvious a sore on my foot needed attention. Routine dilemma in the North.
    We drove on rough spring roads without shock absorbers. The up and downs seemed far more than the progress forward. By the time we got to emergency the 175km trip   had produced high blood pressure, high blood sugar and increased need. We had to stay overnight. In the morning we tried to get the prescription filled.
    So far the pills cost $100 gas, $130 hotel room,$20 breakfast . When I mentioned that I had been given a letter that stated I was to have a discount, I was immediately yelled at by the Manager of the Drug Section of I.D. A. She was not the druggist nor the doctor but she said she had to approve the prescription of the doctor to see if it was appropriate for my condition. I wanted the prescription because one item was not found in La Ronge but I knew that I could order it from a drug store in P.A.. She would not give it to me. She began an emphatic description of Medicare , that every medical issue and transaction that ever happened in my life was recorded and if there was such a letter it would be there. If I explained to you the horrible intrusion of privacy that medicare gives you wouldn’t believe it but she explained in high pitch and high volume that no one gets deductions without state approval and record. In the meantime by implication I will be considereed either retarded or a liar and theft or both.
    In Christmas 2011 spent 12 days in the hospital. Based on x- rays, supposedly, I was told I had to have my foot removed. I refused. I signed myself out of the hospital. They did not offer to re X-ray my foot. Since many considered the continued  existence of my two feet and 10 toes miraculous I gathered the anti Caswell doctor(s) didn’t want any such evidence. - The doctor in emergency said I was to be back at the hospital in the morning for an x-ray.  I refused on the basis that last time doctors all over the province were sent my ex- rays but not once did anyone show them to us;. yet I was to comply with their prognosis of one foot less.
    The doctor was telling me to go to the Southend clinic. I tried to briefly explain that the Southend clinic has been judged by us as a health risk. I also tried to explain that my husband is a very good nurse.
    John has a pre- med in physiology.  He tried to get into medical school three times but his well known pro- life views stopped him. One member of the acceptance committee was his lab instructor. She was constantly giving him inexplainable low marks. I encountered her while knocking on doors while campaigning . She let it be known very hysterically that his pro- life views produced the low marks and the refusal.  She herself was in medical school by this time.
    John didn’t want to waste the time and money he had put into getting to medical school so he entered the School of Nursing. By this time I was a member of the legislature and the College emphatically did not want him. Pro- life professors of the College came to a Tory event to explain to me that others were deliberately failing him or giving him low marks. They said “ He didn’t have any trouble passing our classes.”
    In the mean time he worked at University Hospital, and the Veterans Home. He had a recommendation from working at Holy Family Hospital in PA.
    Now John is not a doctor. He is not a registered nurse. But he still has the knowledge, expertise and most importantly the ethics that he had in his training and in his work. Why should we be subjected to a clinic that is run by some who have a grade three education? Could he at least be allowed to keep his family healthy? We have tried all day to get a renewal.. The doctor who stated he wanted to see the sore before a refill is away for two weeks. Silent compliance is required by the patient. Continued health is optional. Gay