Friday, April 26, 2013

Liberal Party Politics paid by the Taxpayer

April 26,2013
    At the funeral of Mr. Ambrose Hardlotte in Stanley Mission three politicians from FSIN (Federation of Sask. Indian Nation) and the PA Grand Council spoke in the middle of the Funeral Service. They were professional, polished, amusing and totally out of line.
    The second best line of the event was that Rev. Maurice McKenzie had said “ If any of you speak too long your funeral will be next.” The best line would have been “ No.”
    The three politicians bullied the Anglican priests to give them an audience at a Christian religious service. For these native politicoes there is no Cross ( Christ) over the Crown (State).
    FSIN was originally SUN , Sask Union of Natives created by Socialist Tommy Douglas to offset the influence of the Catholic Church on Indians. Then it became FSI and recently added the N to reinforce the notion that they are a separate and unique nation within the nation of Canada. It is totally government funded and always has been. There is nothing in the Indian Act or any Treaty that justifies or orders tax payers to fund political super structures over political super structures. These people are elected by a few have a huge unelected bureaucracy and an unchallenged, unkrnown, unexamined  budget. The oldest and unfunniest joke was “ Indian New Years is in March. That’s when the Federal budget comes down. “ They admit that their organisation and lavish liefstyle exist by the largess of government.
    The trade union leaders appear ethical compared to this. They extract money by coercion from their members only and are accountable to their members.
    FSI was created for one purpose: to be a political party organisation for the NDP- Liberals , the Canadian Socialists. It was designed to control any dissent, free speech and meaningful debate among individuals and natives. They are a conduit for anti- Christian policies and thus they created their very own religion sometimes called The Aboriginal Church more appropriately the New Age with Feathers movement. They pollute Christian churches and individuals throughout Canada pretending that there is a specific  native religion in a unified native culture. It is part of the myth that everything was fine until the nasty whiteman came and brought Christianity to our idyllic existence. Henceforth the rest of Canada must pay us rent forever in various forms  for our country.
    An example of the FSIN Liberal political machine is their attempted resurrection of the political career of former Liberal MP Gary Merasty. Gary was the master of running elections by booze and drugs. We were scrutineering in Southend, Reindeer Lake and went a few days early to call on people. There was the tail end of a heavy drunk. The Advance poll had been run by Gary’ sister in her home. As people came for their booze and dope they cast a ballot for Gary. Election over.
    Then there is the Oct. 15, 2006 manslaughter of Darryl McKenzie . Four people were driving to Southend. The vehicle overturned 1.5 km. South of Brabant Lake. Many Brabant people were witness to the pool of blood from the decapitated body with  the huge amount of beer cans floating in the crimson debris. More of this later. Perhaps CAMECO should be a little more careful as to whom they hire.
    Gary has been busy travelling from reserve to reserve obstensibly writing a report on Education when of course he is politically organising for the Liberals at taxpayer expense. The report says little that is new, nothing about higher academic standards, increasing
patriotism and understanding of Canadian history and traditions. Aand no emphasis on accoumtability for results in literacy and math.  It mentions that driver licences should be made easier for natives. No literacy needed? No practicums?
    Let the Liberal Part not the taxpayer,pay for its own organising and structures. Gay