Monday, April 22, 2013

Paganism by Coercion

April 22,2013
    FOR ALL THE GODS OF THE GENTILES ARE DEVILS  Psalms 95:5( Doey- Rheims) 96:5 other translations
    As reported to me from Fort Smith , North West Territories, Canada:
    “For a long time we didn’t have a priest. Then we got Father Paul from India. He was a very holy man and we loved him. He had to return to India. We kept praying that he would return. His bishop would not let him.  To get permission he moved to another diocese. The bishop there gave him permission to return. We were so happy to have him back.
    Then he got involved in Sacred Heart Parish in Edmonton. They have an aboriginal church there. He brought back these practices. He introduced smudging once a month. Now its going to be every Mass. A woman comes up before the sermon and prays to the four corners. Then he started attending Sundances. The beautiful crucifix we have just over the tabernacle is going to be surrounded by a medicine wheel with the four colours. The tabernacle is going to moved some where else. In the basement we have suppers, meetings and things like that. There are crypts containing the bones of a holy bishop and the bones of three priests. Fr. Paul has started yoga exercices and chanting in this basement where these holy relics are. He is now going to sweat lodges
    Fourteen of us went to Hay River for Palm Sunday. It is a very Holy Day and we couldn’t stand these things in our church.  We have no bishop and these things are going to be in place before we get one. “
    Aboriginal people in Canada are keenly aware of the demonic activity of these practices. We have seen the spiritual devastation resulting in these pagan rituals. Wherever Christianity synchronises with paganism Christianity is polluted and paganism wins.. Fr. Paul chose Christianity along time ago. He gave up the possibility of marriage and children, his own family and country to be a priest to do missionary work in a remote parish. He became corrupted because the Canadian church is tolerating these pagan and yes demonic practices. We know first hand of the power of these practices . We know the difference between the Holy Spirit and spirits . This is not an academic exercice or a diplomatic nod to cultural relativism. This is spiritual war.
    King Solomon asked for wisdom. God gave it to him but he started consorting with the religious practices of his pagan wives. Wisdom was abandoned. The peace and prosperity of Israel was replaced with division, civil war, poverty and slavery to conguering countries. The pagan practices destroyed the wisdom and discernment of Solomon. How can the rest of us survive?
    The Fort Smith people are ardent Catholics who chose Catholicism in the late 1890's or later. They continue to choose Catholicism and expect a Catholic Priest to be their shepherd in their Faith. They did not want smudging, medicine wheels and sweat lodges. They could have chosen them long ago. This paganism is being pushed on them just as it has been pushed on natives and others all over Canada.
    Native people before the European immigrants were diverse groups of people with varying religious practices. They were not a nation with one culture. They continually fought one another and practised slavery among themselves There is a movement and organisation to invent a unified consistent “ Aboriginal Church.”  They distort the Christianity of Sainte Kateri and use Christian symbols to create a very different Faith. It is as stated many times, New Age with feathers. Some of these practices aren’t even native.,The four colours of the directions and even feathers are part of pagan practices from the Scottish highlands, particularly from  the Isle of Skye.
    What is happening in Fort Smith is a blatant vicious attack on the Freedom of Religion of these people. The denegration and  persecution is tolerated and encouraged by a stream of  people within the Catholic Church.. Catholics have a right to  unadulterated Catholic practices.  Gay