Friday, June 14, 2013

Real Scandals: The FSIN

June 14, 2013
    Just because the media constantly repeats the word “scandal “does not  mean there is a scandal . I first noticed this in John Gormley’s book, LEFT OUT . Gormley, to make himself acceptable constantly refers to the Devine government’s “ fraud scandal.” He never defines what was the fraud or what was the scandal. Everybody knows the NDP in their return to power hauled a lot of Tories to court, fined some and jailed some . There was no crime involved except the misuse of the judicial system for political purposes, not counting buying a computer instead of a typewriter, or  advertising with a signature saddle instead of a round of booze in the union hall. I have experienced their kangaroo courts only I was not allowed a court, not allowed a defence but was ordered to “go directly to jail, do not pass go.” I chose to go to the Prime Minister’s constituency office instead.
      The non- scandal of the Mike Duffy alleged scandal is the current point. Mike Duffy was told he was allowed an overpayment of $90,000 . Therefore he had to pay that amount in 30 days. Even for a well heeled senator $90,000 is hard to come by so he borrowed money from a friend and associate. Not having too many NDP or Liberal friends he went to a fellow Tory. The rest is ad nauseum.
    Some Saskatchewan and some federal politicians ever quick to protect their own political hide and not so quick to launch a defence and a reasoned solution started hollering “ Abolish the Senate.” That is like hollering abolish the police because one policeman that some body knows might have been on the take. If the house is a mess you clean it up you don’t burn it down.  The appointed Senate has been used as a refuse for political party bag men most, totally unelectable. Once in the Senate there is not much to do except rubberstamp bills sent there by the government party that put them there. Getting a big salary plus expenses is just part of the job. The Liberals never ever blow a whistle on their own. They expect similar loyalty in return. Tories are an irascible lot. They like being independent and doing things. Therefore  some Tories start making other Tories look bad. The major huge overpayments are actually from Liberals who have been quietly at the trough for a long time. The solution is an Equal to each province, Elected, Effective Senate just as Mr. Harper stated before becoming Prime Minister.
    Perhaps the media especially the CBC, always Left  and MACLEANS who have riveted back to being the official organ of the Liberal Party of Canada, should tell us the facts and let us decide if it is scandalous.
    There are some issues that are not only scandalous in my opinion but are a serious threat to the existence of the Dominion of Canada as a free and democratic country. Obama’s spying is the most obvious. Much more about that later we trust.
    In Mark Stein’s book, LIGHTS OUT he says the Liberal plan is to divide North America into ethnic groups controlled by a central force. What is not known to many is how far this scheme is developing.
    Before me is a few of many pages from the web site  of the Saskatchewan Federation of Indians. They have their own Legislative Assembly, Senate, Cabinet of Secretariates now at 12 departments, Constitution and elections- very selective elections.  Their government is as complex and as large as the one in Regina. I don’t know about their number of civil servants. I have asked the provincial Minister of Finance, Ken Krawetz to let us know how much of yours and our tax payer dollars is given to this so called “nation “within a nation. One thing is certain it is not self financed by natives. Stay tuned.
    Let’s get a few political hype terms out of the way.I.  Natives per se ARE NOT first nations. Many of the tribes in Canada came across the Medicine Line after the Civil War in America ( 1861- 1865 ) The Medicine Line was their name for the 49th Parallel, the boundary between the U.S. and Canada. Once they were North of the 49th.their health , that is their chance of survival was much greater. They were fleeing the Blue Coats, the U.S. Calvary to the safety of the Queen and the  Red Coats ( North West Mounted Police now RCMP ). There were a whole lot of Nation building before 1861. It makes as much sense to call Scots, French, Irish first nations.
    All the babies born in our village are registered as Canadians whether or not their parents are treaty, non- treaty, white et c. Canada always has had the policy that the last group or individuals who became citizens of this country have the same rights and responsibilities as any other person or group regardless of their lineage.
    II. Another Huge Myth is native groups get all this tax payer money because of Treaties. There is nothing in any Treaty between the Queen and an Indian tribe that justifies the public financing of the Federation of Sask Indians.  To criticize this boondoggle of unaccountable power is not 1. Racist or 2. Against any Treaty.
    A Treaty assumes both parties give up something and pick up some responsibilities. Native peoples many of whom were actually Metis ( mixed white and native) became Canadians and were compelled to follow the laws and responsibilities of Canadians. They had also the same rights as Canadians including the right to educational choice, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, due process in court and freedom of association.  The FSIN is not only a huge bill to the taxpayer it is a serious encroachment on the civil liberties on natives and even metis. They are now daring to speak on behalf of the metis and working to put them in their apartheid snare. They are also encroaching on  the freedoms of all Canadians because they claim to be a nation that can dictate to the nation that is paying their bill. Don’t forget the first person who fired the shot against the Riel Rebellion was a Metis, Jerry Potts