Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Case Against Marijuana

June 15,2013
    It greatly shocked me when MACLEAN’S magazine came out in support of marijuana. There is no serious problem in the North that marijuana does not cause or exasperate whether its vehicle or industrial accidents, poor educational standards,absenteeism and indifference at work or school, burgeoning welfare rolls, no desire to work, poor or non- existent marriages and families, health epidemics including diabetes and TB, other drug and alcohol addictions, violent and non- violent crimes and more.
    The official line of the Liberal Party is one can reduce crime by making marijuana illegal. Ergo one less crime, one less reason for courts and jail. Marijuana feeds on all other criminal activity and creates a milieu of irresponsibility, selfishness, contempt for one self and others. disrespect for  parents, teachers and police.  It creates individuals and communities who are non- functioning, dependent and irresponsible.
    Here is a verbatim copy of a pamphlet that has circulated widely in U.S. and Canada published by Anti Drug - Abuse Education Fund, P.O. Box 460410, St. Louis, MO 63416

        A Highly Deceptive Drug    
Marijuana (also called pot) is highly deceptive because each joint that is smoked affects the body for one month. Since pot acts so slowly its great harm is often not apparent.

    The slow action occurs because the intoxicating chemical in pot, called THC dissolves readily in fat but cannot dissolve in water or in the blood. THC is carried ineffectively by the blood, and so it leaves the blood rapidly to be stored in fatty tissues. Very little of the  THC absorbed into the blood of the lungs reaches the brain at the time of the “ high.” Consequently THC appears to be mild even though it is extremely potent.
    The THC stored in body fat is gradually released back to the blood over many weeks. When pot is smoked regularly a large supply of THC accumulates in the fat. This produces a high steady level of the THC in the blood which causes continued sedation. The brain is numbed. The mind is in a fog.
    Kids often think that pot is harmless fun, and play around with it. They do not realize that THC is building up in their bodies and is gradually dragging them into a trap. Their minds become so confused that many are caught in a life of drug abuse. It is difficult to escape, because regular pot smokers must quit pot for over a month before they can think clearly again.

    The Stepping Stone to Other Drugs
Since THC is continually in the body the “ high” from pot gradually diminishes, and so pot smokers usually take other drugs to get a kick. Nevertheless, they continue to smoke pot so they use the other drugs, because they think pot makes them “ feel good all the time.” Most pot smokers drink alcohol heavily and many become so confused that they take cocaine or heroin.
     When a teenage consumes excessive alcohol he normally gets sick and vomits. However THC stops nausea, and so a regular pot smoker can hold down a deadly dose if alcohol without getting sick. Therefore the basic cause of teenage alcohol overdose is marijuana. Before pot became widely used teenage death from alcohol was extremely rare.
        Not all pot smokers use cocaine of heroin, but almost no one takes these drugs who has not used marijuana extensively. Without pot smoking there would be no demand for cocaine or heroin.
   Marijuana is Very Harmful by Itself

    Because pot operates so slowly, its damage is often attributed to other drugs the pot smokers use. Nevertheless medical evidence has proven that marijuana is highly dangerous,
in  and of itself. It seriously harms the brain, the chromosomes, the sex and reproductive organs, the hormones, the lungs, and the immune systems.
    Teenagers are particularly vulnerable because pot smoking can delay and even halt the process of sexual development

   Pot Today is Extremely Potent

    In recent years much more potent varieties of marijuana have been developed. In 1970
 most pot had about 1% THC and the best stuff had 3%. Typical street pot today contains 12% and some has 25% . The potency increase has made marijuana much more dangerous.
   Why is the Marijuana Issue Confused ?

    Drug lords make hundreds of billions of dollars each year from cocaine and heroin. They are obviously spending huge sums in disguised advertising and influence to support their products.
    Drug lords know that marijuana is the stepping stone to cocaine and heroin. As long as they can deceive kids into believing that pot is harmless , many will try it. From these pot smokes come a steady supply of new recruits to replace the cocaine and heroin addicts who have been destroyed.

    Many people naively support legalization of marijuana because they think this will reduce drug profits. They do not realize that drug lords want to legalize pot to increase the supply of cocaine and heroin addicts. Since pot is cheap to grow, profits from it are much less than from cocaine and heroin.

 Marijuana is Bad Medicine

    There is no legitimate need for marijuana in medicine. Pills containing THC are already available with a physician’s prescription . The legalization of raw marijuana for medicine is merely an indirect means of legalizing pot for recreational use.
    Cancer patients receiving chemotherapy often die from infection because chemotherapy weaken’s the body’s immune defenses. THC reduces the nausea experienced by chemotherapy patients but can be dangerous to these patients because THC also damages the immune system.

   Scientific Evidence against Marijuana

    In the 1970's the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse ( NIDA) supported extensive research on marijuana, which proved that marijuana is highly dangerous.
    About 1980 NIDA cancelled this excellent research and since then has not supported any marijuana study of significance. It seems likely that propaganda from cocaine and heroin dealers has discouraged the support of meaningful marijuana research.