Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Trudeau's Dupicity to the Canadian French and the Canadian Natives

July 23  2013
    On two major issues the duplicity of the late P. Trudeau is evident: Quebec Separatism and Native Separatism. Both of them followed similar paths and have had the
same game plan.
    Trudeau was part of the Left Establishment Elite. He could afford his own periodical: Cite Libre ( liberated City ). It was separatist, and communist. He rode about Montreal on a motorcycle wearing a Nazii military helmet while other Canadians were volunteering to fight for Canada. He also was strongly encouraging Francophones not to volunteer. When he became Prime Minister he knew the pulse, the people, the sentiments and the strategy of the Separatist movement which had began Fascist and  Racist and was later Communist and Racist.
    Members of Parliament and the RCMP were concerned with good reason about a rising Communist influenced and controlled Quebec separatist movement in the late 60's .. He stood up in the House of Commons and assured Members of Parliament and thus the public that Separatism was dead. Then the FLQ ( Federation of Liberation of Quebec) not content with putting bombs in people’s mailboxes , kidnapped Hon. Pierre LaPorte, Minister of Transportation. Then Trudeau, Left Pacidier went into the phone boothk and emerged Law- and- Order Man. He invoked the War Measure’s Act , rounded up instantly Trotskyist, Separatist Entertainers, NPDers ( NDPer) et c. The army was called in and stood on the street corners admiring Quebec’s fashion conscious females.
    Now obviously the second political assassination of Canada and the murder of an individual had to be taken seriously with immediate force. The question remains:
Why did Trudeau assure Canadaians despite intelligence information to the contrary that separatism was dead in the waters immediately before the assassination ?
    Why did his sponsor PM Pearson create and fund Company of Young Canadians which worked with and aided the FLQ? Why was not something done when Mayor Drapeau of Montreal complained about this?
    Throughout the years the Liberals have done this dance with the Separatists, top billing to Trudeau and Leveasque. The theme is you act like the bad guys( Separatists) .
 We ( Liberals) come on as the Good Guys and Saviour of Canada. In return you will get more autonomy, more opportunity for corruption, more unrecorded largess from Ottawa with no accountability. You will pretend to preserve and protect Quebec culture while in return you and I will denegrate and destroy as much as possible the basis of that culture which is the Catholic Church and the Christian traditions of Canada.
    Meanwhile the Communist called Liberal Pearson had his Company of Young Canadians trained to infiltrate the Indian Reserves and the Churches. The idea of the Canadian Indian as the perpetual victim came into effect. Indeed there were and are real injustices done to natives. But the applied solutions became Marxist and Racist. Young natives were encouraged to make speeches as the Victim Class against Whitey ( The Ruling Class), If you weren’t officially hating the Whites you didn’t get a hearing. They were trained in the lines and personnel of Sol Alinsky and team. The  National Film Board ( NFB) a very Communist controlled and tax funded organisation provided plenty of propaganda films starring such people as Duke Redbird and others now  long part of the native political establishment.
    Then, about six years after the tax funded Native Grievance Revolt was established Trudeau in 1969 went into the phone booth and tah tah became Anti- Racist, Equality Man. He and Chretien produced The White Party ( Colour, no accident) and revealed  that the Indian Treaties and the Indian Act must go. The natives already primed into Grievance voice mode immediately reacted. One can only add, as expected and as hoped. They fought back.
“ As long as the Sun Shines and  the River Flows “ was put on a well done and appreciated float in the Saskatoon Fair Parade. Saskatchewan Federation of Indians created and tax supported by the NDP had their issue and more and more federal funds. Trudeau gave $50 million to the Chiefs and others “ to sell the benefits of the White Paper.” Why would Trudeau give Native leaders primed into Hate Whiteman Rhetroic $50 million to sell the benedits of a policy they rejected ? The only answer is that he knew that they would use it to organise against it. Then to quote Smith, who is extremely naive about Trudeau, “ Thus the Native Industry was born.” The Native Industry does not mean industries done by natives . It meams the lawyers, civil servants, political parasites, consultants who live off the existence of the natives usually creating many of the problems they claim to solve. The Native Industry is estimated in 1996 at 40 BILLION of tax payer money.
    The Liberals0 NDP  throughout the years have done as dance with the Native Establishment Elite.. The script goes you keep your people poor, preferably drunk, stoned and unedcuated no matter how much money is given. In return you get more autonomy, more opportunities for corruption, more largess from Ottawa with no accountability. You and I will pretend to defend and preserve Native Culture while in return you and we will denigrate and destroy the basis of theat culture which is the Catholic  Church and the Christian Traditions of Canada.