Friday, July 19, 2013

Who is breaking the treaties?

July 19, 2013
    While in a café in Nipawin I read grafetti on the bathroom wall saying “We own this country. Some people don’t believe this. That’s because they’re not educated and don’t know that we were here first.” Obviously this girl’s education did not include respect for private property,.in this case, respect for the property of a Canadian oriental.
    A former owner of Bear’s Camp was telling us that a Director of Education of a near-by reserve said “ I don’t have to pay my bill. We own this country.”
    Firstly. The we- we- were- here- first argument” It is estimated at the time Jacques Cartier sailed up the St. Lawrence River there were approximately a total of  200,000 native people of various tribes, languages, customs and physical features including ones with red hair. 200,00 people use to be the population of Saskatoon before its present boom.  Canada is the second largest country in the world. Two hundred thousand people scattered from the St. Lawrence to the North Pole, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean means there were a whole lot of places and spaces where there wasn’t anybody.
    The natives came from the Middle East as we all did and migrated from Europe and Asia . They did not evolve on Canadian soil from the rocks or the wolves.
    It is believed that St. Brendon and his monks may have been the first European in what is now North America. Should we give this land to the Irish?. It is also know that there was an early settlement of Vikings, in Newfoundland now called Lance- aux- Meadows. This was well before Columbus.Now Newfoundland is the oldest English colony in North America but the youngest province of Canada. However should the Danes make a claim for the Sea- to- Sea country?
    Many native tribes including the Sioux in Saskatchewan came up to Canada to get away from the U.S. Calvary after the Civil War (1865). Many BC Indians likewise came from south of the 49th.  Many natives were United Empire Loyalists and came North after fighting for the British in the American Revolution of 1776. There were lots of British and French people in Canada before the natives with King George medals aound their neck ssettled here. Their experience was the Crown and the Altar protected natives. People occasionally admit this and thus talk about North American First Nations. North America isn’t a country and we cannot claim all the natives in three countries as First Nations of Canada. If so, why not insist that the Aztecs of Mexico have land claims.? Why stop at North America/? Why not Central and South America First Nations.? After all it would facilitate the drug trade in a more open manner.
    Secondly: Who is breaking the Treaties now?
    The Treaties were to insure “peace and goodwill between the Indians and the Crown”
 The Indians were to surrender all the “rights, titles and privileges” and to assume certain obligations such as to maintain peace and good order between themselves,other tribes and ‘HER MAJESTY’S  OTHER SUBJECTS” ( emphasis mine.)
    The basis of the Treaties were that natives got to be subjects of the Queen just like the British Canadians, the French Canadians , the Irish Canadians et c. If you want to become a Canadian citizen today you pledge allegiance to the Queen, Her heirs and successors and you get to be a Subject of the Queen just like the rest of us.
    The natives were to give up any “rights, titles and privileges” in the past and get rights and responsibilities of being a Canadian just like all the other Canadians.
    No wonder that the anti- Canada crowd really want to get rid of the treaties and the Queen. They’re afraid that somebody might actually read the text.
    Now are natives who have secret negotiations and claim to be a sovereign nation in which the rest of Canada must pay tribute keeping peace with other subjects/
    When an Inuit who was the Principal Secretary of a House of Commons Standing Committee threatened to kill Mr. Smith and therefore won’t answer his concerns keeping peace with other Canadians?
    Were the SFI, when they would not allow the churches to legally defend themselves nor allow other natives to defend residential schools  keeping peace with themselves and other Canadians?
    Were the SFI  keeping peace when they created a religion and imposed it on Christian
Indians and parishes.?
    Natives compose about 1 to 2% of the Canadian population. Yet a few natives  and their controllers have secretly worked or are secretly working to have them own or control 33% of the land. That is breaking the intent, the purpose, the substance of the Treaties and threatening the very existence of Canada.
    A group of young natives created a TV programme that ended with the line “ What we really want is equality.”  Good idea.   Gay