Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cutbacks to Apartheid

August 27,2013
Feast of Ste. Monica
    The Feds have cut back the budget of Federation of Sask. Indians by $1.2 million leaving them $500,000 plus the $1,200000 that they got from the province. High rollers like FSI ers will not take this snub lying down. After all going from $3 million to $1.7 million can hurt the lush lifestyle and can tax the brain as to which enemies to eliminate at the trough.    Undoubtedly FSI will be lobbying the grassroots. whom they usually ignore, to make them believe an injustice has been done to all Indians and Metis. The cut backs are a win/win situation to the taxpayer and to most natives.
    Newt Ginrich, former Senator and professor has said that “ welfare is wrong not because it wastes money but it wastes lives.” FSI isn’t a welfare depensory except to themselves but it is a political lobby group to justify keeping people on welfare and ensuring that a large segment of Canadians see themselves as victims forever.
    No political lobby group should be given taxpayer money especially when its entire existence depends on government largess. No political party should be given taxpayer money and FSI is firmly part of the NDP- Lib party machine.  No organisation committed to pillaging and sacking our country Canada should be helped to do so by taxpayer money. Assuming for a minute that FSI has a service justification it should not be getting ANY funding from the province since the Constitution has made Indian Affairs a federal responsibility and the Supreme Court has ruled that if any money is going to the Metis it is a federal coucern. 
    In the ‘60s it was deemed that natives would be a tool for a revolutionary Canada. Money was pumped into places like what was then File Hills Agency now Star Blanket Band.to create a nucleus of political dissent and organisation to spread thoughout Canada They did a very good job. Many of the political players and their families then are still the major players in the Political Top Down game. FSI got at least 3 million dollars annually. If a similar organisation as theirs was multiplied by every province and territory that would be $39 million for  political organisations controlled by a few. Perhaps we should be told how many of  such organisations are funded and by how much..
    The $39 million is only a start . The purpose of the FSI is to organise grievances and spread propaganda to justify more government handouts, more autonomy and more opportunities for corruption.
    The more benign things that FSI does are possibly the more harmful. It organises aboriginal sports , thus Indians are put in a ghetto and apartheid in one area in which they naturally can excell. Recently I played ball with some native youth. They were not trained athletes at any level. In prairie schools people played ball two or three times a day. Farm boys ( and girls)learned to be very adept at this. In minutes these boys had magnet gloves and hits that went travelling to the bushes. Native youth do not need their very own sports programmes and the rest of the province loses by their lack of participation..
    My brother -in- law former Rider, Wayne Shaw, talks a lot about a need for home talent in the Green and White Line - Up. The place to look for that talent is North of us. I’d love to see Joseyounen or Besskaystare or other Dene names on the back of a Rider Jersey.
    At one time blacks could not play in the Major Leagues of Baseball in the USA . Jacky Robinson started playing with a team called Montreal Royals. From Canada he entered the Big Leagues and other black followed . There never has been a colour barrier in sports in Canada except the ones created by the FSI. What’s the point? Canadian Apartheid is created, sustained and encouraged by wealthy Indian Politicos to justify their own existence and salary.  It doesn’t stop at sports.  Way to go Feds. Quit funding racism. Gay