Friday, August 30, 2013

Fraud, Drugs, Death brought to you by the Taxpayer

August 30, 2013
    Sometime ago I wrote about Brian McKenzie getting $150,000 of residential school settlement when he had never gone to residential school or if he had he only went for a month. Local records of the public day school clearly show that he was registered there for the time he claimed to have attended residential school. Several people say from other communities that this scam is very frequent. Now there are clear, invasive records of treaty people as to where, who and when they went to school, health care et c. This fraud of falsely claiming to have gone to residential school has to have cooperation from civil servants and Federation of Sask. Indians. In a manner of days if not minutes one can check if these claimants’ story is true. It was not done or known as was ignored. If a person lies about attendance of course they will lie about what happened to him or her while there.
    Now local sources tell me that:
    “ He did not get $150,000 but actually $250,000. He had a big bag of marijuana which he gave to his brother Peter to sell. Peter sold it in Southend and made $6000. The rest he gave back to Brian. The police were digging up Peter’s yard but they couldn’t find anything.  Peter had dug a hole under they dog houses and covered it with the dog houses guarded by the dog”.
    Now here is Peter’s version:
    “ Yes the police were digging up my yard but they couldn’t find anything. They arrested me, then dug up the yard. I am going to sue them for false arrest. Brian’s vehicle was parked at my house because there wasn’t enough room as their sisters. The police were really after Brian. They took my gun which is registered in Sarah’s name. “
    Peter has charges for having a gun when he is not allowed one. This goes back as to when he and his two brothers were on assignment to kill John and me. Since then Brian seems to have been on assignment about three times to kill us. He comes to town, takes over the house next door, proceeds to cause a ruckus and hopes to find an opportunity in which it would be unclear as to whom did the killing.  So far he gets no cooperation. It appears that the local people do not want us killed and/ or do not want to go to the penn. Theydefinetly got the idea that it is not true nothing will happen to them if they harm us. They also do not touch and protect our property including a garden tool, vehicle et c.
    Brian had thrown a rock and smashed the chapel window. Peter said it was someone else. We of course know that Peter was defending his brother of  whom every one including Peter is afraid.
    Now for the bad part. Brian is in Prince Albert. He and a young woman who worked at the store for some time has been doing the casinc scene heavily: drinking, dope , gambling. The woman was found dead . Autopsy revealed that she was drinking, passed out and threw up, choking to death on her own vomit. Thus as told to us.
    Brian has a long history of having serial girl friends, beating them up until they’ve had enough which can last for years. Then he begins again with another female. Recently he took a fifteen year old out to his parents’ trap line. He has plenty of money to lure them with booze and drugs. To date this is the first time death occurred.
    Some questions:
    Why are people allowed to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from the government, that is from you and I by a well known and verifiable fraud?
    Why is someone with a track record for threatened and attempted murder allowed to get such a settlement? Was it a price from FSI for hit man services?
    How can one blithly buy a huge bag of marijuana without anyone tracking the where and from whom? There has been stories of garbage bags of marijuana shipped on SaskTransit Busses,and  picked up at the depot. No investigation, no questions asdked. Sometimes these bags are stolen. True or false, I don’t know. Marijuana has been made available especially at election time or some time when native  compliance is necessary to such an extent that the quantities described would be believable.
    Is Brian really innocent of that woman’s death? His moral guilt is obvious . But should charges be laid for at least manslaughter?  Gay