Wednesday, January 8, 2014

You're Paying for Pot Hots

JMJ Jan.08,2014 Six miles away from Brabant Lake there is the Valard- SaskPower work camp. The starting wage is $24.00 /hr. Some of the 150 men employed are from Alberta. In Brabant Lake there is ,at a quick count, ight healthy young men from 18 to 30 who could get work but they prefer otherwise. They have chosen the marijuana lifestyle. The Valard camp has drug and alcohol tests. If you test positive you don’t get an interview. If you test positive after your week off you’re fired. This is the best thing that has happened in Brabant Lake for a very long time. The next best thing that could happen is that people who are drug users are cut off welfare. That isn’t happening . We have taught adults who get welfare because we report their attendance to a social worker. In the past we’ve been lenient, allowed people to come at noon and do homework. We eventually expect them to fit into a 9 to 3.30 schedule. One couple advanced to a promise of showing up at 9 since their child was now in grade one and was to show up at the public school. Then cold weather began. You know, the kind that happens every year in Saskatchewan. They took the child to school. The Public schools teacher said “ Thank you for bringing her but it’s too cold to send her in the morning. Just send her in the afternoon.” Any other children had already been sent home. At the public school there has been very few days of school and no full days since about November. The teacher is a “ medical” user of the weed. It’s nice to draw a very large salary for full time and work occasionally half- days. Naturally our students thought they then should follow suit and come late and half days. They no longer are our students at our decision. What right has any teacher to tell students and parents they don’t have to go to school if its cold?. That is de facto telling Brabant Lake people you don’t have to go to school. You don’t have a future except being looked after by others A” medical” user of marijuana still has all the traits and attitudes of other marijuana users. Indifference, sluggishness, lack of empathy and compassion are provable common symptons of cannabis use. Users reinforce and rationalise laziness to each other. The worse possible choice for a community with a drug problem is a person in authority such as a teacher, being a user. Medical use of marijuana is an excuse to make marijuana acceptable. There is no real medical justification for pot . Medical use is a stepping stone to legalise marijuana for “ recreational” use . The trouble is recreational users or “medical” users don’t get up for school or work and don’t want to. They ignore the needs of others including their children or other people’s children. They have poor judgement, slow reactions and distorted vision that causes industrial and traffic accidents. They cause serious health problems like blindness , EMPHYSEMA asthma to themselves and others. They are a public menace. They are also a drain on taxpayer money while they destroy themselves and their communities. Gay