Monday, January 20, 2014

Quebec's Murder Bill

JMJ January 20,2014 The following is reprinted from The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition newsletter January 2014 # 247. PLEASE SEND ON no matter in what province or country you live. QUEBEC”S EUTHANASIA BILL 52 MUST BE STOPPED. On February 11,2014 the Quebec National Assembly will resume proceedings. Soon after, they will vote on Bill 52, a bill that would decriminalize euthanasia under the guise of medical and dying. * Bill 52 gives Quebec doctors the right to lethally inject their patients when the are experiencing physical or psychological suffering. *Bill52 is not limited to terminally ill people. The bill states that a person must have “a grave and incurable disease.” Many people who are not terminally ill live with a grave and incurable illness. * Bill 52 targets people with disabilities. The bill states that a person must have “ and advanced and irreversible decline in function. Many people with disabilities fit this criteria. * Euthanasia is defined as homicide ( murder) in the Federal Criminal Code. * Bill 52 defines killing by euthanasia as a form of medical treatment. * Bill 52 defines “ medical and in dying ‘ ( euthanasia) as a part of end- of- life care. * Bill 52 creates a right to end- of- life care. Since euthanasia is defined as part of end- to- life care. The bill therefore creates a right to euthanasia. * Bill52 affects every Canadian by allowing euthanasia tourism. Quebec’s Bill 52 must be stopped. Urge the Hon. Peter MacKay to equally protect every Canadian from euthanasia by writing to 284 Wellington St. Ottawa, ON, K1A 0H8 or email incur@justice Also state that you oppose BILL 52 by contacting: Bertrand St.- Armand , Quebec’s zMinister of Justice and Attorney gouv, Sign the petition at: Http// -------------------------------------------------------- More information can be obtained by writing Box 25033 London,On N6C 6A8 Box 611309 Port Huron, MI 45061-1309 Tel. 519-439-3348 Free:877-439-3348 Fax: 519-439-7053 If you can’t speak or write in French still contact Quebec politicians including the Opposition members. Remember: WE’RE ALL TERMINAL Gay