Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Marois is a Fascist

JMJ Jan.28,2014 Naziism is from the German words National Socialism. Communism is interchangable with the word Socialism. Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky preferred to call their movements the Second, Third and Fourth Socialist International. All of these movements are totalitarian and have consistent features: 1. They are based on Darwinian survival- of- the- fittest. Human life is not sacred but is a product of time and chance. The strongest must cull the weak. 2. They have a diabolical hatred of religion, particularly Judaism and Christianity. 3. They believe that Law is not about Justice and inalienable Rights but what serves the State, commonly called whatever is Progressive. 4. They believe that the State has a right to kill its enemies within. The enemies of the State include anyone who believes in a Higher Power that can judge the action of government, who has a loyalty that conflicts with compliance to the wishes of the State. and anyone who cannot serve the State , such as “ the useless mouths” of Hitler’s genocide programme of the elderly and handicapt. In 1534 Jacques Cartier sailed up the St. Lawrence and erected a cross for God and King . He discovered the land we now Canada but was first called New France. New France had two passions, furs and evangelisation. Quebec and Montreal were founded as missionary centres. From there Canada and much of the United States was explored and evangelised. Quebec has a history of saints, martyrs, courage and great love for God and other people including and especially the natives. Since the early part of the 1900's Quebec has had another stream. It has had a strong Totalitarian movement. A main leader was Adrian Arcand ( 1899-1967). He was a great admirer of Hitler and Fascism. His emblem was a swaztika circled with maple leafs, a beaver and the Crown. He was a charismatic figure who had huge rallies, supporters from various political parties and public figures. LE DEVOIR ( The Worker ), an historic and main stream newspaper was a mouthpiece for Nazii views. He and LE DEVOIR encouraged support of Hitler Collaborator Petin when France fell in WW II. Many Quebec people were encouraged to believe they should not support Canada- Britain and France in the war. They were opposed to conscription because they were not convinced Hitler was wrong. Pierre Elliot Trudeau was part of the Quebec wealthy elite and held these views. He rode about Quebec City on a motorcycle wearing a Nazii war helmet. When Trudeau was running for leader of the Liberal Party he pretended to be younger than he was to hide that he did not fight for his country in WWII. Arcand claims he and Trudeau were part of the same secret society. Arcand and Le DEVOIR were vitriolic Jew haters. Arcand was not a Separatist in that he wanted to be Fuhrer of all of Canada. Abbe ( Father) Groulx ( 1878-1967), Quebec nationalist is the hallowed leader of the Separatist movement who carried the Quebec for the Quebecois view to racist and absurd extremes. Many people believe that the British conquest of New France ( 1760) was good in that the Catholic French people were saved from the terrors of the French Revolution. Not so Groulx. He despised all that was British in Canada . He believed that the French in Quebec were a pure and superior race not unlike Hitler’s view of the Germans. He said that is not true that they intermarried with Natives. QUAI !!? Samuel de Champlain specifically promised his Indian allies that his men would intemarry with their women. Saskatchewan is full of natives who look French and have the same French names as found in Quebec. This obvious absurdity casts a cloud on the history of this History professor and puts him more in the category of racist demogogue. Many Jews including the late Mordecai Richler claim that Groulx was anti- Semitic. He certainly wanted no truck with pluralism, mosaic or melting- pot variety, immigrants, Canadian law and institutions, nor British Fair- Play for any other ethnic and religiou group. Today’s Quebec Premier Pauline Marois is both a separatist and a fascist. She enherited an entrenched abortion industry due to Trudeau working with Morgenthaler. She opposes Catholicism and any manifestation of Quebec’s Christian heritage. She campaigned that she would remove public crosses.and is sticking to her promise. She will not let public servants wear a notable crucifix . She believes it is the governments business to kill the disabled, the elderly , and the sick. The government of Quebec is over blown, intrusive ,inefficient and corrupt. There is no money for medicare. Therefore the”exteme casess” patients must be killed. She belives that she can have her very own Criminal Code one that calls murder , medical care. She must be stopped. Gay