Thursday, January 30, 2014

Veronique Hivon: " I reject this vocabulary"

JMJ January 30,2014 Yesterday Ms. Veronique Hivon was interviewed on CURRENT on CBC . When a clip stating that doctors for thousands on years did not kill their patients she said “ I reject that vocabulary.” She rejects killing being called killing. Like Hitler’s Goebel, Minister of Propaganda Hivon is Marois’ Minister of Propaganda although that is not quite her title. Her voice is saccharin and controlled. Like Quebec’s new power women she is no doubt well dressed, acts charming and expects those charms to cover up illogical and even murder. Let’s have a lesson in the newspeak of Ms. Hivon . Scenario :A patient is lying in the corridor of a hospital. We will call her Madame Lapointe. There are empty beds but the Quebec government does not choose to pay for their use. A patient is breathin, even speaking. She is frail and over 60. The doctor comes to examine her, determines that she is likely not to get over diabetes. He injects her. She is no longer breathing. All vital signs are gone. A gurney comes to take her away. Maybe no one will claim the body. Funerals are discouraged . Maybe she will be cremated before relatives are found and notified. What happened to Mdme Lepointe? She was.....???? The usual word is killed or murdered but Hivon does not like that word. Therefore Mdme. Lapointe received “ medical care.” This, if Marois and Hivon have their way, will soon be perfectly legal. Other relevant old newspeak words are Quebec wants to be “ maitre chez nous” ( master in their own house.) Every province should be allowed to be master in their own jurisdiction but changing the Criminal Code is not theirs to do. A former parti quebecois Premier, Parizeau, wanted his own Dept.of Defence . He didn’t get it as far as I know. But what did happen to those armaments that a Lebonese was working at selling him? The present Criminal Code defines euthanasia as homicide. Homicide is a word for death by murder. That is how the law of Canada defines what Marois- Hivon want to make perfectly legal. The word, the reality and the law is not theirs to change. These are Hivon’s parliamentary and minesterial functions: Minister for Social Services and Youth Protection Minister Responsible for the Lanaudiere region Member of the ministerial committee of solidarity Member of the Legislative Committee. Member of the Ministerial Committee for the Metropolitain Region Vice- Chair for the Legislative Committee Minister for Health and Social Services with bureaucratic kingdoms in both Quebec City and Montreal. There is almost no parti quebecois member who is not minister of something. Get elected, get your own Fiefdom. It’s no wonder they can’t afford medical care. Did you notice that she is Minister for Youth Protection? Did you know that German Naziis had a Charity Transportation Company. Their job was to round up handicapt children and murder them . Quebec has a process by which people including minors become wards of the State. They are classified as “ a Person in need of Protection”. The curator publique then takes all their assets including inherited assets, denies any contact with family members and lets them rot. This theft and kidnapping is justified by stating they need the money to treat them. Now to “protection “ can be added lethal injection. A lethal injection means they are killed, murdered, snuffed out. A homicide has been committed. When you hear the sweet Quizzling voice of Veronique Hivon, remember this. Gay