Thursday, February 6, 2014

Three Steps to Destroying a Community

JMJ Feb.06/14 There are three major components to destroy a community. They are: 1. Marijuana 2. Welfare 3. Terrible education These tools have been used over and over again in the North and used very effectively. 1. Why do I say marijuana and not just drugs? Marijuana is by far the most dangerous drug in the North because people have been taught to believe it is harmless . No one is prosecuted for using it and since the political rise of Trudeau Junior I have not heard of anyone who has been charged with selling it. No one is on cocaine, heroin or the latest mix extreme who hasn’t first done pot and usally continues to do so. Pot destroys firstly your ability to empathy, to have compassion, to care. It makes one spiritually, morally, emotionally, and mentally lethargic. YOU DON’T CARE THAT YOU DON”T CARE.. Pot destroys the alarm systems . If you’re told that pot will destroy your ability to learn, to make sound judgements, cause grave health problems the words and meanings don’t sink in. The pot is telling you : so what, who cares, good stuff. Some Southend boys who were tokers had a band called “ Indifference.” Now that is a precise and accurate name . 2. Welfare is the fuel that keeps the marijuana train rolling. In one household the father is a user of marijuana and alcohol but is working at changing his ways. He has 3 or 4 adult children who get welfare. What is the rationale? None except that they are over 18 and it is the North. They live at home. Food and lodging is provided. So how do they use the welfare money? To buy marijuana and booze. The parents can’t object ( or think they can’t) because it’s their money. They get into drunken fights. One parent who was trying to stop the brawling was charged with assault. In this case because of intervention charges were dropped. The children were not charged with possession, causing a disturbance or anything else. Welare destroys the initiative to work, to be a provider for the family and encourages absentee fathers. It destroys the moral authority of the parents. The main real reason why young people are given welfare is to keep the drug business going. Marijuana destroys proper reproductive development. Males are more easily led to homosexual behaviour. Females become morally lax and easy preys while fertility may be lessened or destroyed. Pot is an important component in population decrease and manipulation. 3. Terrible education is far worse than no education. The first step to a terrible education is having a teacher and staff who use marijuana. When we first came to Brabant Lake the teacher was on drugs . She has since been been murdered by her pot using boy friend. We have had many drug using teachers since. Marijuana causes loss of short term and long term memory. It destroys initiative, attention to detail, and a commitment to standards and to the future. If the teacher has a marijuana for medical use excuse it still causes loss of short term and long term memory . How can a teacher inspire a drive for excellence for standards and for a good future when she is lethargic, un caring and confused ? The public school would have long since closed here but they keep the doors open to stop people from going to the mission school. Its draw is come when you want, do what you want, learn what you want . If an adult needs a rationale for welfare they can register and never show up.Parents who are drug dealers and users are often used as paid chaperones on trips. The marijuana stops people from rejecting the marijuana lifestyle. Welfare pays for the marijuana and keeps the industry going. Terrible education gives parents and children the illusion that a life of indifference and dependency is acceptable. Gay