Sunday, February 9, 2014

Quebec's Post Abortion Syndrome

JMJ Feb.09/2014 Quebec is the largest and oldest province of Canada. It, at one time, was Canada when and after it was called New France. The first Canadians were les Canadiens. Our national character was not Johnny Canuck but Jean Baptiste. It was the evangelical centre of North America. Seventy years ago, if Quebec was a country in itself it would have had the most religious ( nuns, brothers, priests) per capita than anywhere else in the world. Today it is a province run by the Culture of Death. It has a premier and a minority government that can be described as diabolical. It is a province collectively and individually suffering from Post Abortion Syndrome. Canada would not have abortion if it was not for two people living in Quebec . Abortion was brought to us by a “Doctor” who was not really a doctor at all, but had 3 yrs. of medical school He never cured anyone of anything, delivered a baby or helped someone die peacefully. His entire fake medical career was spent killing pre- born Canadians especially Quebecois. His name was Henry Morgenthaler. He insisted that Prime Minister Trudeau who legalised abortion, homosexuality, contraception and divorce protect him from legal repercussions of running an illegal abortuary. Canada had legal abortion four years before Roe vs. Wade of the U.S.A. Quebec’s culture was based on The Family. La Grande Famille of 20 people was not uncommon. There was a large labour pool so businesses swarmed into Quebec. Churches were full, convents, semenaries and monasteries were full, Catholic schools were full, even hockey rinks were full of local talent of any age and ability. Today Quebec has the lowest birth rate of any province.French Canadians have less children than immigrants and are less likely to be married or stay married.. It is a greying population with less and less income earners to support an ever expanding governmental bureaucracy. Health care has essentially collapsed with no recourse to private health care and private insurance. A symbol of Quebec is no longer a beautiful Mass in a beautiful rural Church but Cirque du Soleil. Cirque du Soleil is a circus where people are the animals. Off hours they elevate perversion and drugs to orgiastic levels. They get lots of government funds to tell the world in Quebec we celebrate that people are just animals and perverted ones at that. The economy collapsed several times as businesses swarmed out of Quebec in the wake of the threat of separatism. An economic standard is housing starts. Since in Quebec the building industry is very corrupt. to build anything cost a third more than anywhere else in Canada. That means an attack on home building, business expansion, hospital and nursing home construction. Because Catholicism is so entrenched in Quebec people who reject Christianity don’t just ignore the Church, the crosses, and the crucifix in government buildings or even around a person’s neck.. They have a drive to attack, and to destroy. A fellow immersion student and I walked down Fraserville in Riviere- du- Loup saying a rosary. When we passed the parti quebecois office the people inside acted like they were in the throws of an unwelcome exorcism. Premier Marois has a campaign to remove all public displays of religion on buildings, road, and persons. Why doesn’t she just get on with the business of government for today and leave people’s religion alone? It is because she must work so hard to fight down her own cry for reason and faith. Quebec’s Marois cannot stand reality. They expect the rest of Canada to go along with their reconstruction of the truth. It has been attempted for a long time. The rest of Canada is expected to believe Sovereignty means Quebec can run their own show but everyone else has to pay for it. We are expected to believe or pretend to believe that Quebec is the perpetual victim. Only in Quebec could you use the word “ nigger” on a title of a book as in WHITE NIGGERS OF AMERICA and get away with it. Today however it is illegal in Quebec to be honest about abortion as in killing babies. Minister of Health and Everything, Veronique Hivon states she gets really angry when people say she is licensing doctors to kill because she wants to save money. Does Hivon’s anger nullify the anger, outrage and suffering that 32 million people have that she is turning a part of their country into a Third Reich? Hivon says she “ rejects the vocabulary” that states killing is killing, homicide is homicide, murder is murder. The world must go along with Hivon’s fantasy that murdered grandmothers, down syndrome babies, crashed with drugs teenagers, wheel chaired former athletes are getting health care not getting their life snuffed out. It is the perpetual Quebec game that if you don’t like what we do we’ll pout and leave. These political temper tantrums are no longer effective. Quebec cannot change the Canadian Criminal Code that states Euthanasia is murder. Gay