Monday, April 28, 2014

Saskatoon Catholic Schools push paganism

JMJ April 28, 2014 Recently at Little Grand Rapids , Manitoba there was a shamon who controlled the community.He had six wives. He was afraid that people would steal his wives so he kept putting hexes and curses on people. To escape him people moved to a neighbouring nd established a village there. Before the shamon died he repented and gave his drum to a musuem. The shamon’s children are now part of the parish and serve at the altar. The priest who told me this says that they need much spiritual healing and deliverance. At Bishop Roberecki Catholic School in Saskatoon in Lent they were to have a retreat with smudging and drums. When I reacted strongly against this the person saied “ This is a Catholic School and Saskatoon Catholic Schools have a duty to native students to respect Native culture. I said that Catholic Schools have a duty to help native students and their families to be good Catholics. I quoted Psalm 95: 5(D-R) or 96:5 “ FOR THE GODS OF THE GENTILES ARE DEMONS. I said that the reason native people are leaving the Catholic Church in droves and going to the Pentecostals is because the Catholics are always pushing paganism on them. They won’t let them be Catholic. I also mentioned that Southend Reserve does not allow these things in their school or Church nor does Stanley Mission . Yesterday a priest in Saskatoon quoted Pope Francis who said that “ IF YOU”RE NOT PRAYINGtO GOD YOU”RE PRAYING TO DEMONS. Strange that this quote from the Pope has not been widely spread. Much of so called native culure that is being pushed in Saskatoon schools is just White Man’s New Age with Feathers as promoted and developed through Federation of Sask. Indians. A defected Catholic- defected Protestanter Ernie Tootoosis created a mismash of Christianity- reserve witchery- Orkney Islands( Scotland) pre- Christian superstitions and present day Indian Affairs New Age. FSI and other funded Native groups needed this spiritual soup to claim residential schools took away their culture when as Christian Schools they taught Christianity to members of Christian families. So what have we to say to the people who were forced out of Little Grand Rapids because of Shamon bullying, and Witchcraft curses? Polygamy and Shamonism is part of Native Culture so we must respect his choices and teach it in all schools? Since some believe that they have a duty to teach children from kindergarten that one should explore sexual options why not polygamy? At least polygamy has something to do with procreation and two complementary sexes. If there are no moral absolutes and Culture Relativism rules we have no reason to condemn the actions of the shamon We have nothing to say to the fleeing people and the harmed children. The shamon could bully and get away with it. He was more powerful therefore he had a right to do what he did. When Christianity, a religion of service and duty, is gone nothing is left but Might is Right. Bullying becomes the essence of life and survival. Meanwhile Saskatoon Catholic Schools call themselves Catholic and push paganims on children, teachers and families. That is deception, fraud, and misuse of tax funds . It is also Bullying writ large. Gay