Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sexual violence victims in the military come on two genders

JMJ May 01,2014 Crowning of Mary St. Joseph the Worker MACLEAN’S May 05 cover story is Our Military’s Disgrace with the words “ Stephanie Raymond was a young ambitous soldier. Then she reported being raped by a superior. The military declared her unfit for duty. Hers is just one of the hundreds of sexual assault cases in the armed forces every year.” The article includes covers of 16 years that are a similar theme. The word RAPE not sexual assault, not sexual harrassment is used. So far so good. However there is a very glaring absence in the story. All the victims are females, not once does it mention the victims of sexual harrassment, sexual assault and rape that are males.” In addition to Cadets, young people can enter the military at 15 years. Young 15 , 16 year old maled are very pretty. Some look 12 when they’re 21. To report molestation or rape from a superior when you are a male and the superior is a male would add humiliation upon humiliation. The reporting most certainly would get you dismissed from the military. You would be considered unfit for duty plus you would have a discrimatory attitude to homosexuality and homosexuals. The homosexual agenda is so entrenched that no one is allowed to admit publicly that being sodomized against one’s will should be defined as rape When it comes to homosexual sexual assault there is no crime and if there is it is a victimless crime. At one time the military screened out people who could be considered homosexual or might be predisposed to that activity even if they were virgins. Sometimes they made mistakes but the logic was a homosexual is a security risk. They are open to blackmail and bribes. Now homosexuality is legal ( since Trudeau’s Omnibus bill 1969) and there is a whole system of bribes, blackmail and networks based on homosexual activity influencing government, the legal system and the military. When homosexual activity is protected so is hetrosexual violence protected. When the Liberal government tabled a bill to legalised same sex “ marriage” before the bill was passed it was stated that the military “ would lead the way.” Military chaplains were ordered to perform “marriages” for same sex couples. The duty of the military is to protect our country and its institutions. In this case the military was used to break existing laws as a political lobby act as ordered by then PM Chretien. No interest was shown by military personnel for this dubious service. There are solutions for this scandalous sexual abuse of males and females in the military. Here are some: 1. Get rid of pornography. Seriously. Do not allow pornographic magazines, posters, videos, DVD’s and work at stopping internet pornography use. Ex- Commander Danny Williams now in maximum security prison states his violence to women began with pornography. Pornography use is not a macho , real guy thing to do. It leads to sexual appetites for sexual violence. 2. Separate the sexes for people’s privacy and security. End women used in combat roles. Women must perform equally with men. Often they can’t. Therefore the standards are lowered. The opposite sex is distracting. Military people must concentrate on the job at hand, 3. Stop “ politically correct “ chaplins. The Liberals used females in maximum security prisions and in the military. They did so because of their commitment to feminist politics and their commitment to have government run the churches. Female Catholic Chaplins cannot perform Masses, hear confessions and administer other Sacrements . Therefore men, women, and youth in cadets, are deprived of much of their Faith practice while in the military A soldier facing possible death at any moment in a combat role far from home is denied confessing their sins and obtaining Absolution. That is a serious deprivation and attack on freedom of religion. Permit chaplins to teach and preach the whole deposit of Faith including the teachings of sexual morality: evil desires, fornication, adultery, lust thought and actions are sin . 4. Treat All sexual violence as serious criminal acts and prosecute accordingly. Gay