Thursday, May 8, 2014

Putin is a Put- On

JMJ May 08, 2014 March for Life in Ottawa As stated by Vladmir Putin , Sept.19,2013: At the same time we see attempts to somehow revive a standarised model of a unipolar world and to blur the institutions of international law and national sovereignty . Such a unipolar standarised world does not require sovereign states; it requires vassals. Recent news stories: President Putin is working at taking over the independent country of Ukraine and amassing tanks at Ukraine’s border. His goal is to make Ukraine part of Russia just as the countrues surrounding the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) were made captive nations controlled by a dictatorship from Moscow. He will not stop at the Ukraine. The sovereignty of Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Czech Republic, Romania, and more are also at risk Putin was a leader of the KGB. The KGB was the spy, intelligence network of the evil empire of the USSR. The KGB worked at creating unrest and destablisation in countries all over the workd. They armed and created and/or ontrolled separatist movements.. Their support and armaments were in the IRA that terrorised Great Britain, the FLQ that used terror tactics in Quebec, Canada, American Indian Movement (AIM) that used terror at Wounded Knee,,USA and at Oka, Canada. The tactic was always the same. Stir up strife and division in a country:then take over the country.Simply put: Divide and conquer. The same tactics are obviously being used in the Ukraine. The KGB used diversion tactics to mesmerise people . Putin is the good host for the Winter Olympics. Putin is seen lighting a candle by an icon of the Blessed Virgin. Putin will not allow abortion ads in Russia. Putin rebuilds twenty churches destroyed in the USSR era. A magician diverts your attention by smoke and mirrors while things appear and disappear in a natural manner when and where you’re not looking. Putin also uses smoke and mirrors. While Christians are rejoicing at his religious actions he is amassing tanks on the border of a Christian country to overtake that country and make it a vassal of his empire. He may prefer to be a Czar in a Holy Russian Empire rather than the Secretary- General of the USSR but the tactics and the end result are the same to his victims. Putin prefers that Russian babies are not killed by abortion. That’s nice. Ukrainian soldiers and civilians defending their homeland also have a right to life. In the Stalin era of the USSR six million Ukrainians were starved to death. To take away their independent farms and to force collectivisation ALL farm produce was confiscated and shipped to Russia. The people were left to starve. Isn’t 6 million martyrs to their family, religion,, property and homeland enough to secure the peace and freedom of Ukraine? Hitler in Germany exterminated 6 million Jews. Wouldn’t we get a little nervous if a present day German leader decided to take over Israel? Would we be assured if he liked to eat challah bread blessed in the synagogue? In WWII the highest number of recruits from any ethnic group per capita in Canada were Ukrainians. Ukrainians fought for this country. Ukrainians fled Naziism and Communism, landed at Pier 11 in Halifax with vitually nothing and wrested prosperous farms from bush, forest, and stoney ground. They built churches, schools and communities. They gave Canada good food, song, dance and colour to celebrate Life. An act of aggression against the homeland of Ukrainian Canadians is an act of aggression against Canada. Prime Minister Harper stand firm. John Diefenbaker would be proud of you. May St.Vladimir who brought Christ to the Ukraine guide and comfort you. Gay