Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's Time to Clean Up our own province

JMJ May 21,2014 At the Pro- Life Conference in Weyburn, Sask.we heard an arcane debate as to whether Margaret Sanger was a racist or just hated the poor. While going home, while passing Kenaston we were confonted with a billboard showing Premier Tommy Douglas in full bloom of sincere conviction. The words stated “ Don’t privatize health care.” Margaret Sanger was a eugenist. She believed that the “ unfit” should be sterilised, that people should only be allowed to breed with governments permission. Tommy Douglas, socialist who brought in public medical care was a eugenist. He believed that the unfit should be sterilised, put into sex segregated institutions, that Natives should be segregated and left to die. He used mental hospitals for political prisons and as a vehicle to take away private farms. He was a racist, despised Catholics, immigrants and large families. So what do we in Saskatchewan? We turn him into an icon of virtue and name a high school on the West side of Saskatoon. Not a wimper of protest from anyone. The Pro- Life newspaper carried a story from Texas about a young man who gave his girl friend an abortificient without her permission and got a life sentence. In the North it is a regular occurance to give abortificients without the mother’s knowledge or permission. Nobody is interested. In the 70's a feminist slogan was No Forced Sterilisation. The Pope and conservative Catholics were in total agreement. Natives and others are often sterilised without their knowledge or permission. They are often told that their children will be taken away from them and they will be cut off welfare if they don’t submit to sterilisation. Nobody is interested Some alleged pro- lifers think that’s fine. A teacher was telling me how she had her mother euthanised. The mother was moved from St. Brieux nursing home ts to Watson nursing home. As told by her: The staff moved her with a hoist which was not done at St. Brieux. Her quality of care was decreased. Thus she was put-down. The woman stated “ She ( her mother) was my best friend.” A speaker at the Pro- Life rally in Regina 2013 stated that health professionals being pushed into abortion involvement may be a problem IN THE FUTURE.( emphasis mine) . It has been a problem for at least 40 years. People have been denied access to medical school because they are known to be prolife. Nursing students and nursing staff are constantly pushed into involvement. What is going on? Will these situations continue to be ignored in the future as they have been in the past. In 1980 we puplished an article about medical staff at the U or S using the brains of aborted babies for research. No prolife paper or any other media outlet picked it up. No one challenged us publicly although we were ready with factual information. It certainly brought on a lot of persecution against my husband’s career in the Health Sciences. The head of campus pro- life response to the persecution was” Protestants are stupid.” We were at the time Protestant. We are a pro- life people but we want to hear about atrocities elsewhere instead of our own sordid history and present anti- life policies against our neighbours. Gay