Thursday, June 5, 2014

City Centre Sells Suicide

.JMJ June 05,14 City Centre in Saskatoon is a mission church on 20th. Saskatoon. It serves a native and poor population. On special holidays sometimes about 700 people are fed. They run an independent school using A.C. E, material. It is an off shoot of Christian Centre where “the wealth and .health “ gospel reigns. The nucleus of people who began the ministry seem to want to serve the poor rather than to be involved in a church that favours the big givers and the well dressed . So far so good for City Centre. Both City Centre and Christian Centre are not connected to the Eternal Verities of the Catholic Church. Unlike many Protestant churches they do not put strong emphasis on personal Bible reading and do not use published hymn books. It is very much a leadership orientated community. A common them of Mr. Johnson of C.C. is “ Everything rises or falls on leadership.” Who is leadership is decided by leadership. It is not a place for intellectual discussion . They do not encourage the Bereans model. In the Bible we are told that the Bereans were noble than the Thessalonicans because they searched the scriptures daily to see if what the Apostles were saying were true. This would not be a welcome activity at the Centres and would probably get one “ the left foot of fellowship”, that is kicked out. Recently a man involved in City Centre committed suiicide. His whole family was very much involved in the church and had been for a long time. He had struggled with depression for years. At the funeral there were no tears. Everyone was working very hard at being positive and happy. Mr. Randall , the leader talked about the person HAVING MADE HIS CHOICE AND NOW HE IS AT PEACE IN HEAVEN. He carried this theme through the service and in conversation. The Centres don’t believe in suffering and in tears. Showing sorrow shows a lack of faith. Mr. Johnson said that Christians do not have to be persecuted. Persecution is the imaginings of your mind. Tell that to the mother in Sudan who is on death row for being a Christian. If something bad happens the people involved have a duty to buck up and continue. You don’t mourn with those who mourn. You put on a happy face and insist that the others do as well. Women who have been involved in abortion and who want to reach out to others are discouraged. Post abortion syndrome supposedly does not exist . Therefore there is no need to help women wounded by their abortion experience. It is not surprising that when the wrongness and suffering of abortion is denied that the wrongness and suffering of suicide is denied. The one suicide has led to other suicides in the church.. What a deal. Kill one self and go straight to Heaven where there is peace and happpiness. Chrisstianity has never taught that and never will. Killing oneself is breaking the Ten Commandments. It is violating the law “ THOU SHALT NOT KILL.” It is murder of oneself. Helping or encouraging others to kill themselves is participating in murder. It is a Mortal Sin .Unless one repents the Bible and Church Tradition teaches that one goes to Hell for committing a Mortal Sin. The person who has committed suicide obviously has little or no chance of repentance so everything must be done to stop the act for his or her sake . No person in any church has a right to say that suicide is a person’s choice and as a reward people have peace and Heaven. This is pushing people into considering suicide as a legtimate and positive choice. It is participating in the logical results of more and more suicides. When a Lutheran pastor became a Catholic he said that the problem was if there is no absolute authority like the Magisterium in Rome “then you just make it up as you go.” City Centre and Mr. Randall are clearly making it up as they go and the lives of the vulnerable are once again the price. City Centre folks, i’s time to go across the street to St. Mary’s where the Truth will protect the lives in your family.. Gay