Friday, June 13, 2014

SaskParty continues attacks on Catholic Schools

JMJ June 13,2014 We received a letter from the SaskParty requesting a donation. The letter attempted to sell the act of giving by mentioning in the list of accomplishments ,nine joint- unit schools. I phoned the Party office and asked what are joint - unit schools? The answer I got was they are a school where the Catholic and public students and teachers are under the same roof. It is somewhat still a shock to have the SaskParty attempt to raise funds by bragging about the religious persecution of Catholic Schools. I closed the conversation by stating that the SaskParty government is the most vicious anti- Christian government the province has ever had, The competition is stiff but my opinion stands. The girl at the office was not responsible for this but Premier Wall and Minister of Education, Don Morgan certainly are. A short history of Catholic Schools in Saskatchewan: 1905 : Prime Minister Laurier says no province without protection of Catholic Schools. He appoints Sir Walter Scott as Premier who later wins election . Masonic Haultain who is against Catholic Schools loses the election and his cause. 1929 The Independent Anderson government tables as Bill I an anti- Catholic pogramme that includes no nunss teaching, no rosaries, no crucifixes on the wall, no government funds to Catholic Schools. The government includes KKK members. The Depression and drought defeat the government after one term. Liberals, who were then not socialists. restore Catholic rights. 1930 Bishop Charlebois leads the fight to protect the crucifx on school and hospital walls, to protect Catholic and French schools. He firmly opposes joint facilities with public schools. 1944 Tommy Douglas head of the Socialist CCF becomes Premier. He is committed to eradicating Catholic education and Catholic Health Care throughout his long term. His campaign manager is head of the Sask KKK. Anti- Catholics who supported the Anderson government flock to Douglas. !961 and beyond The CCF become the NDP and continue the campaign. 1968 Premier Blakeney created DNS, a division of the province where North Saskatchewan is given to Socialist radicals to run as they wish. This includes a massive attack of any Catholic nuns and priests involved in education. No Catholic Schools, contrary to constitutional rights, are allowed north of Prince Albert. In one case murder is used to push the eradication of Catholic schools and teachers. 1996 L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord ( Our Lady of the North School) is established in Brabant Lake with 6 students enrolled. The NDP Northern Lights School Unit runs a constant campaign against the school and the on- site founders. They blatantly admit their school unit was established to drive out Catholic education. Other incremental steps to erode Catholic education of purpose throughout the years.This includes: - Catholic teachers are trained at Saskatoon and Regina Normal Schools . Later Catholic teachers are trained at U of S and U of R in a very anti- Christian socialist mileu. U of S College of Education become a centre for homosexual activity and propaganda. Communists like Ed. Mahood are welcome and influential professors. - Catholic teachers are members of the same union. Sask. Teachers’ Federation - More and more text books in use in the Catholic Schools are secular and the same as the public schools. - Catholic Schools do not defend the fact that God is the creator of Heaven and Earth, the first tenant in the Statement of Faith in the Apostles’ Creed and Nicene Creed. _ Catholic Schools do not become centres of pro- life activity but treat pro-life as a discussion or option. - Contrary to Catholic teaching as found in Tradition, the Bible, and the Magisterium homosexuality is taught as an acceptable life style. - Teachers whose lives are inconsistent with Catholic morality such as shacking- up are allowed to teach. 2007 Premier Wall confiscates the property of all Catholic Schools and takes away Catholic taxes supporting Catholic schools. They brag that this is a reversal of the 1905 decision to protect Catholic School. Catholic School Boards are reduced in influence and responsibility Don Morgan as Minister of Justice does everything possible to destroy the one Catholic School north of Prine Albert. He stops the Incorporation status of L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord. He publicly states if people are disastisfied with the Human Rights Commission they can use the Court of Queen’ Bench. Thus he endorses and protects the attempt to put me in jail without trial and without cause. 2013-14 At least nine Catholic Schools no longer have their own facility. Catholic schools are no long connected to a local Parish community but become part of a community of Catholic and non- Catholic students. They dress the same, act the same, use the same text books and gym facilities. Some don’t even have a separate Catholic name. Sorry SaskParty, no donation. We need every cent to pay the fuel bill and the Catholic text books, workbooks, sacramentals, Catechism materials, soccer balls of our Independent Catholic School that is used as a base to spread the Catholic Faith here and throughout the North. Gay P.S.At present the e- mail subscription list is being redone. We hope that you will spread this to your contacts. It is found on Mrs. Gay Caswell, blog spot, com. Thank you. Gay