Saturday, June 28, 2014

Father Alar comes to visit

JMJ June 28,2014 Father Alar of the Marian Fathers of the Divine Mercy Centre in Stockbridge , Massachusetts planned for a long time to visit the Catholic Mission , L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord at Brabant Lake. After being ordained for two weeks he bought his ticket to Saskatoon. He took a bus to La Ronge. In the process he counselled one woman about suicide and led another to Confession, her first in 15 years. Caswells had spent 10 days in Chicago where two of their sons were ordained by Cardinal George 0MI. With no funds, health issues and gardens that needed immediate care they had little ability or resources to plan appropriate big events. However Father Alar is full of zeal. A priest and Mass is a big event. There was daily Confession and Mass , a bike race, two community meals and a Eucharistic Procession throughout the village. The Gospel Jamboree happened thanks to John Caswell’s music. Father Blom who is no longer a priest or resident in the Atchdiocese of Keewatin - Le Pas kept very busy running constant interference. He told people not to take part in the Gospel Jamboree, not to come to Mass in Brabant Lake even though there has been no regular Mass in Southend , 45km. away for about a year. The Southend Radio interviewed Gay Caswell about the events and were roundly criticised. He told elder Mr. Sedley Cook that Fr. Alar did not have permission to have a Mass in Southend or anywhere including the privately owned mission in Brabant Lake. He told people not to attend and personally phoned key people in the community who told others. When Gay phoned Southend people that there would be a Mass there on Corpus Christi she met with hostility from some who believed that they were doing something wrong. Father had mailed his papers to show that he was in good standing and informed the administrator receptionist that he intended to say Mass at Brabant Lake and surrounding areas including Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Southend). She said that would be fine. The Archbishop Murrey Chatlain was away. He has the second largest diocese in the world. Caswells and Father didn’t even know where he was . That is not surprising. Caswells know that the Bishop is doing his job and knows many communities do not have a resident priest and may not have had a visit from the bishop for years. The Mass was well intended but there was much suffering on the faces of many elders who had literally come out with defiance and determination to their beloved church and Mass. Father Alar asked elder, Mr. Sedley Cook to lead the Eucharistic Procession. Near the band office they were confronted with a man swearing and waving his arms shouting “ we left that stuff in Residential School.” He went to pull down the Monstrance and Eucharist . Gay Caswell yelled “ If you touch him we’re calling the police!” The man turned his attention away from Father and began to attack Gay. He said “ I ‘ll kill you even with all these people around. Gay stood and stared at him and he backed down. The procession continued. Father thought he was going to be martyred on the spot. His view was not absurd. It was considered a wonderful week despite the constant interference of Fr. Blom who has no authority in Southend or anywhere else. Father went back to Saskatoon and took a flight to Washington D.C. He understood a little what antagonism some people get from a disdruntled clergy who want the North at their mercy or neglect. Meanwhile Father Joshua was preparing to come to visit his home parish and diocese. This diocese has never had an ordained priest or nun from the people. This mission has given them two priests who were ordained May 27 , 2014 by Cardinal George O.M.I. Sister Mary Judith is a member of the sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. Father Joshua heard a little of what Fr. Alar endured so he wanted confirmed that his permission to go anywhere in the diocese still stands. His call to Le Pas was not returned. Stay tuned. Gay