Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Father Joshua's UNwelcome

JMJ July 07,2014 When a Vietnamese priest returns home from Holy Apostles Seminary in Connecticut they are greeted with great joy. He goes from village to village giving a Mass. The people decorate the roadways welcoming him. They have a big feast in his honour and in the honour of Jesus who comes to them in the Eucharist. Since he is a new priest he brings with him a special blessing and also a blessing to the Church building. Father Joshua Caswell and his brother Father Nathan Caswell were ordained May 27,2014 by Cardinal George Chicago. Father Alar endured interference from Father Blom, who had served in the Archdiocese in the past. Father Joshua was determined that he would stop any such action before he got home to Brabant Lake. He phoned the Chancery office in Le Pas, Manitoba before he left Chicago. His call was not returned. Before he got on Canadian soil his parents received a call from the Vicar General, Fr. LaRoche , whom they have never met stating that Father Joshua cannot say a Mass at La Ronge Parish, where he entered the Catholic Church on March 29,1997. Father Joshua cannot say a Mass in Southend, his home parish where he served Father LeMay. He can however say a Mass for his family in Brabant Lake. To say a Mass in your home does not require permission. We were told that there would be a priest, Fr. LaVoie saying a Mass in Southend and La Ronge on those dates. We were told that Fr. Joshua could concelebrate Mass with Fr. LaVoie. Mr. Caswell phoned the Edmonton Oblate office and asked for Fr. LaVoie. He was in Kenya and would not be home to the end of July. Then the receptionist discovered that he was to land in Edmonton on July 02. He could not possibly be in Southend on July 02 nor La Ronge on July 03. Mr. Caswell then phoned the Archbishop who was in Dillon and Buffalo Narrows. This is about 700 miles from us and about 1400 miles from his Chancery office. The bishop knew nothing of Fr. LaVoie’s supposed entry . Fr. Joshua sent an e- mail to Fr. LaRoche. Fr. LaRoche reiterated his refusal. Southend and La Ronge have no resident priest and may have had four Masses since September. The people were very excited about having a Mass with Fr. Joshua. Fr. Blom who does not live or serve in the Archdiocese acts as the henchman for Fr. LaRonche. He informs individuals in La Ronge and Southend that they cannot have a Mass with Fr. Joshua and aren’t to have anything to do with us. Fr. LaRoche in the capacity of Vicar General is to be the emergency authority when the Bishop is out of his Chancery office. Since Bishop Murrey Chatlain is constantly working in the far flung settlements of his mission territory he is away a lot. The rule was probably made long before phones, e-mails, fax et c. It is hard to believe at any time it was to be an opportunity to oppose, cancel or contradict the direction of the bishop while he is doing field work. . Fr/ La Roche was not chosen by the Bishop. He is the former superior of the Oblates of Lacombe, Canada He was very angry that I contacted the present Superior General of the Oblates objecting to Fr. Blom’s constant interference. Gay