Wednesday, July 16, 2014

No Bridges to Burn

JMJ July 16,2014 Our Lady of Mount Carmel, In 1985, Fr. Albert Lalonde O.M.I. editor of OUR FAMILY MAGAZINE, and Andy Tan wrote an article stating the Catholic and Biblical position on homosexuality. The Oblates fired Fr. LaLonde and Andy Tan over his Christian position. They replaced him with Fr. Nestor Gregoire O.M.I. who took the magazine to a more liberal position and eventually to its demise. Michael Jones, editor of FIDELITY magazine was notified to write an article. The cover showed OUR FAMILY magazine on a tombstone with R.I.P. A benefactor paid to have that magazine distributed to every household in Saskatchewan. I was a not- secret major contributer to that article. When I became a Catholic in 1997 there were those who were not amused. The year before we brcame officially Catholic we had begun the school, L’Ecole Notre Dame du Nord. After my first Communion when a lay person gave me the Body of Christ in my hand I promised I would always kneel and would always take Jssus by mouth. At a youth raIly in Meadow Lake, Father Nestor Gregoire refused to give me Communion thusly. He backed up on the steps of the altar so I would have to stand. I stayed kneeling. Father Gregoire then kicked me in the teeth.( No physical harm was done). I stayed kneeling. He gave me Communion as I was. We went to a Cnference in La Ronge at the request of Fr. LeMay . Viar General Ravenscroft O.M. I. was telling St. Jean Vianney parish that they had to accept the fact that there are no priests and that there had to be lay services. A Sister with him began rearranging the altar and church. Fr. Ravenscroft kept followeing us to World Youth Day in Toronto with Pope John Paul II. At Wawa , Ont. we were having a great time. He told the organizers to kick us out. We were lined up for Confession. Just before it was my turn he told the presider to stop Confession. He left the Church because he wanted to so called marry a man. Our beloved Fr. LeMay was no longer at Southend.We were so happy when Fr. Blom O.M. I. came to Southend He stayed for four years. He stopped any priests from coming to our camps. For four years we did not have a Mass in the chapel and did not have camps because of him. He even trued to stop people from donating clothes and gifts to thee mission. He said that he did not consider us members of Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish and lobbied to have us removed from the Church. He said that “ there are people in La Ronge who don’t like your blog.” implying that it should be stopped. He said that since Southend is a larger community than Brabant Lake, it can decide that your school should be closed. He wouldn’t let John Caswell do readings as Fr. LeMay did. When Fr. Blom was no longer the pastor we were very relieved. He has no parish in our Archdiocese of Keewatin- Le Pas. However he continues to bully people in Southend and La Ronge. Many Oblates became involved in pagan spirituality and promoted it often with the intense opposition of native people. We sided with the Biblical Catholic position that syncretism was a spiritual pollution and was doing great harm. Some Oblates began to be harmed physically and spiritually by their involvement. The Oblates did not defend their saints who evangelised and educated the natives, using sometimes through residential schools. They did not insist on due process and freedom of speech for those who wanted to defend the priests and nuns. They actively joined in the persecution and distortion. We spoke against the lack of balance and the unverirfied accusations. Mr. Sedley Cook, a Catholic leader in Southend refused to speak against his residential school and refused to accept settlement money. Fr. Blom worked to turn people against him and encouraged them to squeesed him out of Church activity, even including beautifying the graveyard. When Vicar General Robert LaRoche O.M.I .phoned us to tell us, not Fr. Joshua, that our son cannot say a Mass at the empty parishes of La Ronge and Southend his anger and hatred towards us was unmasked. We had never met him. I said that he should be defending and cooperating with us in our right and duty to evangelise as outlined in Canon Law. His Grace, Archbishop Chatlain was away 1400 miles from the Chancery office busy with his duties. When Fr. Joshua phoned the bishop, His Grace said “ I’m afraid your mother burned her bridges with Fr. Robert. “ I get no stars for sweet diplomacy on this one, but Your Grace the bridges were burned along time ago when I was still a Protestant Gay.