Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pot Stuff and Nonsense exposed

JMJ Aug.06,2014 The Feast of the Annunciation, Let’s explore a few myths and facts about marijuana MYTH: Marijuana is now legal. FACT: Marijuana is not legal even though Junior ( aka Justin Trudeau) uses and advocates it. To make it legal he has to win an election, then pass a bill through the House of Commons and the Senate. None of that has happened and none may never happen including his bid to be Prime Minister of Canada. His party is having increasing difficulty to raise funds after his attack on freedom of conscience, political freedom and freedom of expression of those who work for the sanctity of human life. MYTH: Marijuana does not cause violence. It is only that it is illegal so users have stress to get it that causes violence. FACT: A great many people are not even aware that it is illegal especially in northern Saskatchewan where high paying government people have practised that they are a law on themselves and are very much part of the marijuana market and use. VIOLENCE INCREASES AS MARIJUANA USE INCREASES. It not only leads to other drugs but is dangerous in itself. The first thing that happens when used is the ability to empathise and to sympathise with others is killed in the brain. Users immediately become indifferent to the suffering of others. THEY DON”T CARE THAT THEY DON”T CARE. Many murders have been caused by marijuana users including the recent murder of three Royal Canadian Mounted Police. MYTH: Marijuana has medical purposes. FACT: There is no valid medical use for marijuana. That was just a red herring or excuse to advocate its legalisation as admitted by a leading British pot pusher. There is no disease that marijuana doesn’t make worse including everything from a cold to flu to diabetes to AIDS to cancer and more. The reason is marijuana weakens and destroys the immune system. It causes respiratory problems, and makes one indifferent to good health practices such as exercise, good nutrition and compliance with a treatment regime. Glaucoma , bleeding of the eye, was once treated with marijuana. It is now proven to make the condition worse. MARIJUANA CAN CAUSE BLINDNESS. MYTH: Marijuana helps people get off alcohol and/or harmful drugs. FACT: Marijuana leads people to other drugs and alcohol. It creates a condition in which the resolve to end bad habits is destroyed. Alcohol is far more dangerous when consumed with marijuana because a person is less likely to throw up leading to alcohol poisoning and suffocation. MYTH: Marijuana helps stabilise people with mental problems. FACT: Marijuana contributes or causes mental illness. It creates lethargy , erratic performance and violence. Responsibility to oneself and others is diminished leading to absenteeism at work and school, financial irresponsibility and accidents. That will do for now. Gay